pocket flash 32mbit cart?


for the neo geo pocket color pocket link accessory.. from bung..

like the flashroms for the gameboy/gba cart writers, just for neo geo pocket..

i can find the 32 mbit cart on lik-sang, but they like chargin moolah, wonderin if anyone knows any other sites which might have one..
I bought my 16 from easybuy2000 :) no 32 to be found there..

thx for the other link, I'll scope it out.. already got the linker thou, but if it was truly a deal i'd pay a few bucks for a 'backup' backup device..

how many times can those carts be re-flashed? noone seems to say?


I was just cruising that super shopper site (2nd link).. They have some cool sh*t.. Anyone ever order from 'em? Can they be trusted? I've always wanned to get one of those CD64 units..


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