Poll: What is your favorite Genesis RPG


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Warsong and Phantasy Star 4 hands down for me! I played through these games a ton so for me the replay value is through the roof!
Well, I've only finished 2 Genesis RPG's and they are Phantasy Star II and Shining in the Darkness, so I would have to go with those 2.

For SITD, I went as far as copying down the maps to all of the dungeons on paper. For PS2, I borrowed my friend's map book, and later I found all the maps on some web site.

Maps are really helpful, I say.
Landstalker is my pick! great game play, graphics and story.

I also liked Traysia (spelling), nothing special in graphics , but a good story.
Well, I've played and finished Phantasy Star 2+3, Shining in the darkness, Shining Force 1+2...and almost finished Landstalker. When it comes to pick a favorite I guess I'm kinda stuck....they are all great and I still play them.

But there's something special about the Phantasy Star series - which I played first - so I guess I'll have to choose them. (haven't played PS4 though)
If you have not played PS 4 yet then buy the game or play it on an emulator! It is well worth the price. Very enjoyable with lots of replayability.
Well, I've tried it with an emulator but it just don't feel the "right" way so I've never played it for very long. And yeah, would pay alot for it, but it's very hard to find here in Sweden.
The Smash Pack emulator is not bad playing it on the Dreamcast. This way, you can still use your TV to display instead of computer monitor, or computer monitor if you have a VGA adaptor. The drawback is that you have to master the CD yourself.
I gotta give my vote to Phantasy Star IV... can we say EPIC???? While it isnt really a true rpg I have to give Wonder Boy in Monsterland a second place just for sheer fun factor....
The best rpgs for the Genesis, hmm.

My favorites are Phantasy Star 4,Landstalker,Shining Force 2,Soleil (Crusader of centry),Surging Aura (i wish it was translated),Shining in the darkness,Wonderboy in monsterworld and some more.
All Phantasy Star & Shining Series are my picks :)

Especially Phantasy Star for its on going story and contanewaty.... (Aggg How do you spell that word..)

Ahem anyway :)
1. Has to be LandStalker. Fantastic!

2. Soleil (Crusader of Centy)

3. Sword of Vermillion (Some of the best MD music!)

4. Story of Thor (Legend of Oasis in the US I think)

It was too difficult just to pick one!!
Without question Phantasy Star 2 captured my gaming time like no other rpg since i played Star Ocean on PSX. I cut school to play Phantasy Star 2! Truly one of the greatest RPGs of all time.
Does Beyond Oasis / The Story of Thor count as an RPG? It's nice being able to jump (as opposed to intentional falling, which is what most let you do) in an action-RPG... :p
I haven't played any Genesis RPGs, so I'll just go right ahead and say: Final Fantasy VII!!!! :)

*dodges the flying objects thrown at him by the other members*