Poll: What is your favorite Genesis RPG

I won't throw flying objects at you, I'll just simply throw you into those objects instead
Rather fond of some underdogs: D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday, Starflight.

I haven't actually played any of the PS or SF games all the way through yet--although I do have PS II & IV as well as SF II. I've start so many RPGs but never finsh them for some reason. Someday, someday...
Gotta be Landstalker. That rocked. :)

Shining Force I was good. Something about Sword of Vermillion (which, by the way, you really should play with the official full-color hint book) stuck with me and made me seek it out on eBay years later...

Starflight was an interesting twist on the RPG flavor with Sci Fi thrown in... PS2 and 4 were very good...

And, just to be difficult, I'll thrown in a couple obscure ones that I beat ;)

- Light Crusader (late entry, but it gets addictive)

- Beyond Oasis (only partially an RPG, but I really loved being able to beat the snot out of the monsters)
Waaaahh! I have never played ANY genesis RPG's before, I feel so left out :( . Its ok though, their are still plenty of other rpg's I want to play that I wont get the chance to for years to come, adding genesis ones would probably just increase the chances of me losing my sanity while waiting to play them. :p