Portable DC??


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No kidding, I think I got mine addicted to Super Puzzle Fighter. She gets mad when I beat her and I never hear the end of it when she beats me. But she can whomp my ass at Bubble Bobble so it all evens out I suppose :)


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i didnt read all them posts

but someones done sumthin similar

they hooked the dc up to a gamegear with the tv addon thing
that wouldnt be too difficult, all you would need to do is link an rf out signal to the aerial connection on the gamegear, then tune it to the appropiate signal

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Easier to just use the AV input of the GG TV tuner. I used to do that with my GG and Genny/SegaCD. Looks kinda crappy though - the GG's screen is pretty poor quality.


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What would be nice is if someone found out how to connect a DC to a GBA, then I think it would be able to look pretty good, seeing as how the GBA's screen is undeniably good rez for a handheld (although it still could have used a backlight).


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the GP32 would be the best thing to connect it to, if you were gonna do a shitty hack like that... I hope the guy who made the SNESp and the PSXp makes a portable DC... he seems to know what's up. Better yet, I hope he makes one and puts up blue prints/directions/schematics/anything... *drool*
If you wanted to do a hack like that why not just hack a nomad (which is defective) and use the screen and casing and try and make something up from that? Someone made a portable PSX but I hardly seen the point in it, it was rather large.


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why not buy an lcd screen for psone/gamecube and just plug the dc's rca's into it.. sheesh talk about reinventing the wheel.. none of the 3 (dc/psone/gamecube) are all that portable anyways, since they skip too easily.. You could probably set it up with the monitor on the center console of yer car and play in the backseat, but holding it in your hand as you whack away on the buttons is another thing entirely..

You'd have to devise some kind of readahead-based anti-skip protection and still not hurt seek time when its filling the anti-skip buffer.. So basically you need a 24x GD-ROM to even achieve close to the same seeking/data transfer specs on a mobile DC.. THEN worry about making it 'smaller'..

or maybe a hard drive with cd-drive emulation firmware and preloaded GD-ROM images.. that'd be the way to go.. cd's and handhelds just dont mix (show me a cd walkman that doesnt skip while your jogging or driving down a bumpy backroad)

bah fuckit i think i'll just buy a cheap little tv to take on the road.. those places i cant set it up (the can), i always have my nomad, game gear, neo geo pocket, tg express, gameboy, gbc and gba to keep me occupied.

if i only had a lynx :(


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Since we're on the topic of screwing with the DC...and only having one controller port on this fellows portable DC I was wondering how possible is it to create a DC controller that can be daisy chained??? Does daisy chaining require some sort of special hardware or software to control the peripherals?? Would something a la SCSI be possible??


I think what they were saying before is more accurate. A portable dreamcast is only a dream, but slap an lcd screen on the baby and you got urself a nice little car system. Plus, with all those lush graphics, who would want to watch them on a tiny little screen?


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Quote: from luvless on 1:11 am on Oct. 1, 2001

welp.. i love my DC.. and would like to be able to pack it around like the new ps-1's..

i don't know how feasable this is.. due to hardware/ size and cost limitations.. so no promises..

but i'd like to know..

1) would you be interested in one??

2) what format would you like it in.. something resembling the CDX, PS1 w/screen, or an actual handheld??

3) what features could you live without (3rd and 4th controller ports.. modem.. rumble pack support etc)

4) what features can't you live without (vmu support)

5) what you'd spend on it

6) would you buy online/retail..

7) would you preorder and wait up to 6 months for unit to be mfr'd and shipped

i've recently met someone with a few good contacts from sega in the genesis days.. who may know someone (JVC or former employees etc) who wouldbe interested in doing this..

thanx in advance!!


shit dude i would buy that! i would spend up to 300 dollars! i could live without rumble pak and shit like that., but you need vmu support.

i would preorder and wait long to get that!

a hand held would be awesome. or you can just have a special screen you add to the DC that allows you to play the game away from a tv (just like the gamecube)

luvless you have any new info?


a handheld wouldn't be possible! as said before, the gd rom laser IS friggen huge and if you were gonna fit that plus everything else only trying to make it smaller... it would be about the size of a gamecube.


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well than what about something like the gamecube has:

a little screen that you attach to the DC that allows you to play your DC anywhere without a tv!


THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN SAYING! Hmm.. hey guys, what do you think would be better, me buying a 150 $ game cube screen or a 300 dollar screen so i can play all my systems on it and watch videos for the car?
It would be possible to make a portable dc ;like I said, the same thing was done with the playstation, but it isnt the greatest thing in the world to do, mainly because of the bulk of the system and the size of a cd, it would be rather large, as this portable psx was. If your going to make anything portable, try making a portable coleco or intellivision.


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Quote: from Gallstaff on 2:00 pm on Feb. 21, 2002

THAT'S WHAT WE'VE BEEN SAYING! Hmm.. hey guys, what do you think would be better, me buying a 150 $ game cube screen or a 300 dollar screen so i can play all my systems on it and watch videos for the car?

um the screen that attaches to the gamecube is only for the gamecube

they dont have any screens like that for other systems. not yet anyway