Portable Dreamcast

Darn, I really wish i had some money right now....
oh well, all i realy need is a Car Adapter.
I wish these things become available for 150-175 dollars....Would be hella nice if it's nice quality. If anyone ever gets one of these, or knows of sumone who does, get sum info for us plz, thanks kids....
all I know is I am getting one as soon as lik sang puts em up for sale on their site... (hope they do!!!)

Mal, Have you ordered yours yet? Also I have never done business with Lan kwei are they legit? I have dealt with buy rite, and lik sang, and gamegizmo R.I.P...
lan-kwai is an odd one.. sometimes they deliver fast and good, other times you wait months. there supposedly had been big computer probs which caused the delays, but I'm not sure.. they reliability apparently varies greatly.