Post your Saturn collection...

My Full inventory can be found here: Sega Saturn inventory special note about games the + and - are if i have the manual or not.
1 HST-3220 Sega Saturn Console (Serial P26023998 670-8063b)
1 JVC RG-VC20 VCD Decoder
2 MK-80112 Saturn Arcade pad
1 MK-80113 Sega Saturn Stunner gun
1 Sbom Multitap HC-736
1 HSS-0103 Sega Multitap
1 MK-80117 Sega 3d controller
1 HSS-08 Fighting Commander SS controller
1 White HSS-0101 Sega Controller
1 Gray HSS-0101 Sega Controller
3 MK-80116 Black Sega Saturn Controller
1 Saturn Netlink Mouse(for the most of the Vitura gun games on LCD)
1 Saturn Netlink
1 Saturn RGB Scart cable
1 RGB Scart switch box 5 Way
1 SCART / A/V /S-Video In/Out adapter.
1 RetroTink 2x w\ usb mini power
3 Clear blue 2.4 ghz wireless pad(USB, saturn dongle, charging cords)
1 Pink retro-bit saturn controller
1 Satiator (

also these but i'm hoping to give them away.
1 SV-461A Eclipse pad
5 P-400 Super Pad 8
3 MK-80100 Black Sega Saturn Controller
2 Saturn controller extension cable
1 MK-80304 Sega Saturn wheel
1 SV-462A Eclipse Stick

here are my games:
Andretti Racing (USA) <T-5020H> -
Anearth Fantasy Story (Jp) <T-27801G> -
Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG (Jp) <GS-9076 670-11879 to 670-11882> +(complete)
Baku Baku (USA) <81501> +
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (USA) <81029> -
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS ~Various Emotion~ (Jp) <T-15701G> +
Bug! (USA)<81004 Saturn 81004R> +
Bug Too!(USA) <81040> +
Senkutsu Katsuryuu Taisen Chaos Seed (Satakore) (Jp) <T-30904G> +
Christmas Nights Into Dreams... Sampler (Jp) <610-6431 670-9616> +
Daytona USA (USA) <81200> +
Detana Twinbee Yahho ! Deluxe Pack (Jp) <T-9505G VS012 Jasrac: V-952185>+
Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu (Jp) <T-13305G> -
Dragon Ball Z Shinbutouden (Jp) <T-13302G> +
Duke Nukem 3D(USA) <81071> +
Dungeons & Dragons Collection (Jp) <T-1224G> +
Dungeon Master Nexus (Jp) <T-9111G> -
Fighters megamix(USA) <81073> +
Fighting vipers (Jp) <GS-9101 670-9071> +
Fire Prowrestling S ~6Men Scramble~ <T-4308G> +
Gokujou Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack (Jp) <T-9501G VS003 Jasrac: V-943331> +
Grid Runner (USA) <T-7025H> +
Guardian Heroes (Jp) <GS-9031 670-7523> +
Guardian Heroes (USA) <81035> -
Gungriffon ~The Eurasian Conflict~(Jp) <T-4502G> -
Gungriffon 2 (Jp)<T-4510G> +
Hyper 3d pinball (USA) <T-7015H> +
Kakinoki Shougi (Jp) <T-2104G> +
Langrisser 3(Jp) <T-2504G> +
Lunar Silver Star Story (Jp) <T-27901G> +
Madden NFL 97 (USA) <T-5010H> +
Magic Knight Rayearth (Shokai Gentei W Premium v.1007) (Jp) <GS-9058-00430 670-6533-01> +
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits (USA) <T-9703H> +
Mortal Kombat 2 (USA) <T-8103H> -
Mortal kombat trilogy (USA) <T-9704H> -
Mr. Bones(Jp) <GS-9127> +
NBA Action 98 (USA) <81124> +
NBA Live 97 (USA)<T-5015H> -
The Need for Speed (USA) <T-5009H> +
Neon Genesis Evangelion 2nd Impression (Jp) <GS-9129 Jasrac: V-963886> -
NFL Quarterback Club '96 (USA) <T-8109H> -
NHL All-Star Hockey 98(USA) <81122>+
Nights into Dreams (USA) <81048b> +
Panzer dragoon 2(Jp) <GS-9049 670-7987> +
Phantasy Star Collection (Jp) +
Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Jp) <T-6601G> +
Puzzle bobble 2x(Jp) <T-1106G> +
Sakura Taisen (Jp) <GS-9037> +
Saturn Bomberman (Jp) <T-14302G> +
Scorcher (USA) <81214> +
Sega Rally Championship - international rally (USA) +
Sega rally championship - international Rally (Jp) <GS-9407 670-7511> +
Sega Saturn Choice Cuts (USA)
Shellshock (USA) +
Shining the Holyark (Jp) -
Shinobi (Jp) <GS-9010 670-6108> +
Space Jam (USA) +
Star Fighter (USA) <t-8135H> +
Street Fighter Alpha 2(USA) <T-1213H> +
Strikers 1945 (Jp) <T-14407G> +
Tetris plus (Jp) <T-5708G> +(spinal)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (USA) <T-9701H> +
Virtua Cop (USA) +
Virtua Cop 2 (USA) +
Virtua Fighter (USA) -(move list)
Virtua Fighter 2(Jp) <GS-9079 670-7705> +
Wing arms (USA) -
WipEout (USA) <81211> +
World Series Baseball 98 (USA) +
World Cup Golf - Professional Edition (USA) +
WWF In Your House(USA) <T-8126H> +
X-Men: children of the atom(USA) <T-8108H> -
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Kakuchou Ram Cartridge 4MB Fuzoku) (Jp) <T-1226G> +

probably 80% of these I only got in the last 2 years. the USA sports games and like 3 or 4 japanese games(sailor moon, Dungeon master Nexus, Phantasy Star Collection maybe Shining the holyark) i've had since before 2012(before i joined here). Stil in the process of cataloging the proper name and ID with satakore.