post your saturn shoot em up collections

the saturn was considered the best place for the shumps

im endevouring to find them all and complie a list

anybody care to help me pm me

saturn games im looking for

marked ? can anybody lead me to any info on these

im trying to aquire all saturn shoot em ups

or does anybody have any of these

back gunner



golden axe the duel

hyper reverthion

king the spirits

new shinobi legend

twin bee delux pack

wangan dead heat

willy wombat

wing arms

zero 4 champ doozy j r type

gun frontier

salamander delux pack

blastwind ?

Gekirindan ?

Layer Section II

Skull Fang ?

sonic wings

Arcade Gears: Image Fight and X-Multiply ?

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Planet Joker ?

shoot em up s that i have

3 strikers 1945 pt2

4 strikers 1945

5 radiant silvergun

7 shienryu

8 terra diver

16 do don pachi

18 guardian force

19 hyper duel

20 cotton

22 blazing heros

23 darius gaiden

24 thunderforce 5

26 layer section

27 battle garrega

28 afterburner 2

35 darius 2

38 batsugun

40 cotton boomarang

41 cotton 2

43 guardian force

52 in the hunt

53 tempest 2000

58 kouyuki tiger 2 plus (ultimate tiger was available i remember seeing it once contained twin cobra tiger heli)

59 donpachi

88 g-vector

92 kingdom grand prix

98 gradius deluxe pack

99 thunderforce pack 1

103 dezaemon 2

104 space invaders

110 galatic attack

111 thunder force pack 2

112 terra cresta 3d

120 gunbird 2
i have not go around to making a shoot'em up list yet... soon i will.. i wonder how many jap shooters we dont know about
there will be loads of them

but finding them out is another matter

ive yet to find a definitive list of saturn


think sega would help me?

must admit i do like a shooter or 2

im looking for psx one also

u dont happen to know what was on it do u ajnin?

i have a few but theres loads more

probs jap releases only

but i wouldnt mind them
Actually I disagree and the PC Engine is the best system for shooters. A couple of those that you listed really aren't shooters lalthough it kidn fo depends on how you define a shooter.

D-Xhird, Golden Axe the Duel, and Hyper Reverthion are 1 on fighter.

King of the Spirit 1 and 2, andWangan Dead Heat are more racer than shooter. If you include those ones than you should also include titles like Night Strikers.

Willy Wombat is more of a 3d platformer and Shinobi Legends is a 2d platformer.

I think Finalist is more of a adventure or RPG but I don't have that one

Wing arms is more of a 3d game and I really don't classify if with the other kind of 2d shooters. If you include stuff like After Burner and Space Harrier as shooters than you could probably include that one as well

What kind of info are you looking for for the ones with ? marks?

I have all of those titles except for Back Gunner and Finalist.

Also Blazing Heroes is a stretegy/RPG not a shooter. G Vector is also kind of questionable as well.

Also Gunbird 2 was on the Dreamcast not the Saturn. The Saturn only had the original Gunbird.

Any heres a pretty complete list of shooters for both the Saturn and PSX. I have all of the Saturn ones and I think I have all PSX ones except about 5 or 6 and most of those I'm getting soon.

Arcade Gears: Gun Frontier

Arcade Gears: Image Fight & Xmultiply

Arcade Gears: Wonder 3


Battle Garegga

Blast Wind

Bokan To Ippatsu! Doronboo Kanpekiban

Capcom Generation 1

Capcom Generation 3


Cotton 2

Cotton Boomerang

Darius Gaiden

Darius II

Detana Twinbee-Yahoo Deluxe Pack

Dezaemon 2

Do Don Pachi

Don Pachi

Fantasy Zone

Galactic Attack

Game Paradise


Gokujyo Parodius-Da Deluxe Pack

Gradius Deluxe Pack

Guardian Force


Hyper Duel

Jikkyou Osyaberi Parodius

Kaitei Daisensou

Konami Antiques MSX Collection Ultra Pack

Kyukyoko Tiger II Plus

Layer Section

Layer Section II

Metal Black

Planet Joker

Radiant Silvergun

Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus

Sega Memorial Selection Vol. 2

Sengoku Blade

Sexy Parodius


Shippu Mahou Daisakusen

Skull Fang

Sol Divide

Sonic Wings Special -

Soukyugurentai -

Space Invaders

Steam Heart's

Strikers 1945

Strikers 1945 II

Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Terra Cresta 3D

Thunder Force Gold Pack 1

Thunder Force Gold Pack 2

Thunder Force V

Twinkle Star Sprites

Tempest 2000

Somewhat shootie games

Super Tempo

Keio Yugentai

Suchie Pai Throbbing Nightmare(has a level of Game Tengoku on it.)


Metal Slug

Capcom Generations 4

3 Mobile Suit Gundam games

Tukai Slot Shooting

Night Strikers

Prikura Daisakusen

Assualt Suit Leynos 2

Silhouette Mirage

Galaxy Force 2

Space Harrier

AS for PSX here a pretty complete list of what is out there.

Air Grave

Bokan To Ippatsu! Doronboo Kanpekiban

Capcom Generations 1

Capcom Generations 3

Cho Aniki


Darius Gaiden



Double Shooting


G Darius

Gaia Seed

Galaga Destination Earth

Game Paradise 2

Geki Oh Shienryu

Gradius Deluxe Pack

Gradius Gaiden


Harmful Park

Image Fight and X Multiply

In The Hunt


Macross Super Demension Fortress

Parodius Deluxe Pack



R-Type Delta

Raiden Project

Raiden DX


Ray Crisis

Salamander Deluxe Pack

Sexy Parodius

Sherberi Parodius Forever With You

Shooter Space Shot

Sol Divide

Sonic Wings Special


Space Invaders

Space Invaders 1500 the Invaders


Strikers 1945 Part 1

Strikers 1945 Part 2

Thunder force 5

Toaplan Battle Shooting Volume 1

Twinbee Deluxe Pack


View Point

Vacuum Kids


Wonder 3

Xevious 3DG

Zanac X Zanac

Other somewhat shootie games to get

Capcom Generations 4

Gran Doll

Gunners Heaven

Metal Slug 1 and X

Sunsoft Memorial Volume 4

Namco Musuem 1-5

Konami Arcade Classics 1, 2

Intellivision classics

Arcade Greatest Hits 1 and 2

Nanotek Warrior


Tempest X

Tukai Slot Shooting

Prikura Daisakusen

Super Robot Shooting

Sero Fan

Silhouette Mirage

Night Strikers

Contra Adventure

konami MSX Antiques
I don't know. But I wouldn't risk it if I was you!

your right about the pc engine

cracking machine for shmups

for what the little devil is

but honestly cannot compete with whats there for the saturn

btw:nice list

im an absolute shmup nut

and id like to get whats available

just so i have a nice collection

looking forward to ikaruga on dreamcast aka raidant silvergun 2

looks well nice

the others i listed iwas wanting more info on them as carnt seem to find any

or im not looking in the right place

i know that they arent shumps
Well Blastwind is a vertical shooter made by Technosoft. Their only one if I remeber right. It's pretty easy game compared to most other Saturn shooters. You just have a regular weapon, a homing weapons and bombs. It's one nice feature is that on each stage you can flip a switch you can take a slighty different route so it has a little added replay value to it. Also it's one of the cheaper titles to get if you can get it outside of Ebay. I got mine for about $15.00

Gekiridian is also pretty cheap to get. I've never seen it for more than $30.00 and sometimes goes as cheap as $15.00. It's a so so vertical shooter by Taito if I remember right. If you want you can try it out on Raine to see if for yourself. It's kind of time traveling game where each stage takes place in a different time peroid kind of like Time Pilot if you remember that title. It's one of the poorer titles.

Planet Joker is pure crap. Only get if you have to have every saturn shooter that there is. It's a vertical shooter by Naxat.

Skull Fang is another one of the poorer titles for the system. It's kind of another world war vertical shooter. Your better off in finding Sonic Wings Special

Image Fight and X Multiply contain 2 Irem shooters 1 vertical and one horizontal. X Multiply is kind of R-Typeish shooter where you have 2 tentacles. Image Fight is a vertical shooter. You can try out a rom for for the Nes or PC Engine of Image Fight. I don't think X Multiply made it out ot any of systems besides the PSX version of the same name. Both games are extremely hard. I think this is probably the hardest of the group of ones you asked for to get.

If their their's anything else you need to know feel free to ask?
It's more of a 3d shooter. It's supposed ti be only average at best but I don't have so I can't comment too much.
thanx azazel

for sheding some light on those games

i already have image fight/x-multiply for psx

just fancy having it for sat though

as for others i found a couple

sonic wings was one of them and gun frontier

but heres some more if u have any info

Twinkle Star Sprites got this on mame

Twinbee Yahoo Dlx i know what its about

Stellar Assault

Sky Target

Skull Fang

Sengoku Blade i know what its about

Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus know this too but need

Planet Joker

Image Fight XMultiply i know about this

Hyper Reverthion

Gundam Z Houhen

Gundam Z

Gekirindan i know about this

Chatting Parodius

Blast Wind and this
Well I don't know much about Stellar Assualt other than it's some kind of overpriced 3d shooter. Hyper Reverthion is a 3d fighter a little like Virtual On but really bad. It made by Technosoft. It also plays just like Steeldom if you have that title. The Saturn version of Twinkle Star Sprites is pretty samiliar to the MAME and Neo Geo versions. I think the Saturn version has a couple of added characters in it from what I remember. It also comes with some kind of bonus cd as well. I think Sky Target is more of a 3d shooter from what I remember but I haven't played it in a long time. Chatting Parodius is the second or third Parodius game in the series if I remember right. It features speech that can be heard during the game hence the name Chatting Parodius. It also supports the biggest cast of characters as you have about 30 different characters to chose from. Their also are bonus stages you can play if you fulfill certain criteria during the normal stages. Skull Fang is kind of a somewhat poor world war shooter. The Z Gundams I don't remember very well anymore and I'm without a system at the moment so I can't play them and say more about them.
Yes, I think skull fang sucks as well- but i can see how some may like it. I really want to get Blastwind, but I havent seen it ANYWHERE!
Blast Wind used to be pretty common a few years backs. It doesn't show up very often anymore. At least it doesn't fetch as much as Hyper Duel does.
i only have a couple saturn shmups, but my fav are esp and guwange by atlus/cave for the arcade. btw, did u guys know that atlus and capcom teamed up for a horizontal shooter in japan? i just found this out yesterday, but i forgot what it was called.

edit: how many ppl play there shmups on tate mode, its the only way to play