Post your Saturn shopping list...


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We've got plenty of topics about what we have in our collection, but for this topic let's go the other way. If you're like me you have loads of txt documents with lists of what you want to buy, here's mine for Saturn:

Clockwork Knight 2

Crypt Killer

Darius Gaiden

Darius 2

Daytona CCE

Fatal Fury 3

Gradius Deluxe Pack

King Of Fighters '96

Mega Man 8

Metal Slug

Mr. Bones

Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge

Parodious Deluxe Pack

Rampage World Tour

Samurai Showdown IV

Saturn Bomberman

Sega Ages Vol.1

Silhouette Mirage


Solar Eclipse

Sol Divide

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

Thunder Force V

Vampire Savior

X-Men Children of the Atom

here're my short list

radiant silvergun JPN mint copy

radiant silvergun music CD JPN

astra superstar

panzer dragoon saga PAL mint copy

Saturn fishing rod JPN

Derby skeleton Saturn

Elevator Actions Returns


Strikers I and II

Virtua Cop and II US only

X-Men vs SF

Marvel vs SF

thats about it.
Hmm... as of now

Magical drop 1 and 2

Puzzle bobble 3


King of Fighters 95

Nothing all that expensive really so I guess I'll get them pretty soon.
Since I started completing my PAL Saturn collection I'm intrestedfor every PAL title which isn't under the Saturn PAL section of my website :)
PAL (just everything I dont have but these have the highest priority now..):

*Herberekes popoitto

*Jewels of the oracle

*Bust a move 3

*Battle stations

*The crow city of angels

*Bubble bobble/Rainbow islands


*Roadblasters FX/ Thunderstorm FX double pack


<- this one but cheaper and complete

*The Yakyuken special

*Techno motor

*Daytona CCE Link up version (x2)


*Gussun Oyoyo S

US (low priority)


*Creature shock

*Double switch


*Ten pin alley
I'd like to complete my collection of Euro Saturn releases, but I think I'll run out of enthusiasm before I do - if I haven't already. :(
Well you can see my collection and wishlist on IGN, so here are my wanted Saturn titles:

Radiant Silvergun

Shining Force III

Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru

Metal Slug


Guardian Heroes

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

Dragon Force

Magic Knight Rayearth

Mega Man 8

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X4

Saturn Bomberman

Yeah... pretty much any Saturn game of value... :sarcasm:


Radiant Silvergun - can't help you there

Shining Force III - can't help you there

Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru - if you have $200-300 to spare I could get one :p

Metal Slug - MIB?

Soukyugurentai - thought it's fairly cheap to get?

Guardian Heroes - US/PAL or JPN

X-Men vs. Street Fighter - why oh why! :)

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean - hmm... again isn't this fairly cheap?

Dragon Force - JPN I suppose

Magic Knight Rayearth - US I suppose

Mega Man 8 - that expensive just last year?

Mega Man X3 - again not that expensive just last year?

Mega Man X4 - best MegaMan on Saturn IMHO

Saturn Bomberman - or SBOM Pack that contains this plus Bomberman multi-tap and two bomberman joypads

Apart from Radiant Silvergun and Taromaru these aren't that expensive nor hard to get... well that's been my experience... guess I was lucky.

it's the joypad in the shape of our beloved bomberman with extra buttons for game playing - think of Biohazard pad for PSX from Capcom and you'll get the idea...

Much harder to come by and collecting ten of these for ultimate Bomberman session won't be easy. I only have six or seven of these but then I lost the interest... I will eventually pick up remaining three to complete the collection though... :p

when I can spare time will upload the photo of it...

I don't have too much extra cash these days what with the fiancee and all (and try as I might I just can't get her THAT much into Saturn)...

Value is always relative... these are the games that are "worth-while" to me I should say...

Here's what I've seen of them:

Radiant Silvergun ~$130

Shining Force III (US) ~$60

Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru ~$225 (seen higher as well)

Metal Slug ~$50 (all I care for is the disk with complete JC, don't need the cart)

Soukyugurentai ~$25

Guardian Heroes (US) ~$70

X-Men vs. Street Fighter ~$25 (I once won it on eBay for $8 but then the seller said "Oh though I still had it, it was another game, I sold my XvsSF a while back" [he was just sour I caught it so low])

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean (US) ~$40

Dragon Force (US) ~$70

Magic Knight Rayearth (US) ~$40

Mega Man 8 (US) ~$30

Mega Man X3 ~$30

Mega Man X4 (US) ~$30

Saturn Bomberman ~$20 (I've seen this for as low as $15 but always seem to just miss it, whenever I happen to have the spare cash it goes up to $30 or so)

Just from what I've seen... but then again when I seem to have spare money so does everyone else... = (

Ok found these pictures on YJ.

Save me having to drag them out to take photo myself... :)