Power Base Converter

I think I got a good deal on this. I won an ebay auction for a power base converter (play your SMS cartridges on your Genny) for the low price of $11.05 plus 7 bucks shipping.

The auction also includes 5 games in their boxes. I think I did pretty good...from what I've read this attachment is relatively rare. So, what do y'all think?
I have had one of those since I was a kid, can't member when I got it but from what I hear we got it when it first came out. too bad we only have 1 game for it. BTW, what the #### is that little card slot on the thing for?
Those slots are for game cards...like the Turbo-16, some SMS games come on cards the size of a business card.

My friend gave me his collection of old SMS games and I have nothing with which to enjoy them. So, I'm one happy puppy. Gotta get a Nomad next...
the sms model 1 had those card slots as well, while the model 2 didnt

never seen a game on one though although i know they do exist, i think the 3d glasses might have used the card port as well
I have two of them...don't know which off-hand, though. In any case, the guy just mailed it out and I should be getting it just around my birthday (Dec. 25)! :)
Got it in the mail today and it works perfectly! I'm gonna have to dig up a light gun for my Genny to play all these SMS light games.

But it does work...Whew!
i have 3 card games - Ghost house, Transbot, and Falcon f-16... card games were smaller (physically and data wise) but cost way les (~$20 new). Also, the CD Glasses interfaced with the SMS with the card slot (i love my 3d glasses)