Power Pack for MegaCD

Hi All,

I have a MegaCD (UK/AUS) Megadrive with no powerpack. I'd like to buy a replacement powerpack from an electronics store - what voltages etc do I need to get it going ?

Does the MegaDrive get its power from the megacd or does it need its own power ? Which console does the tv output come from or does that depend on what type of game I'm playing ?

Thanks for your help!


Thanks everyone for the help - now my next problem. _No one_ sells 10V power packs. They have 9v and 12v but not 10.

Does anyone know if using 9V or 12V will work ok ? or will it fry my MegaCd ?

Or an electronics place that sells 10V multipacks ?

I'm told that ampage isnt that important and you can just go over if you want, as it only draws the power it needs (1.5A is fine).

9V will do fine.

amperage is extremely important.

while it can be too high and the device will only draw what it needs, a PSU with a too low amperage will overheat and eventually die.

Thanks - you guys are the best.

I can get a 1.5A multivoltage powerpack so I think I'll use that.

Now to wander off topic a little bit.. I have two other questions,

Since I'm getting a 'multipack', can I use it on my game gear ?

Also I notice these multipacks have 'DCin 90V-260V'. That would cover most countries, does this mean I can use it overseas as long as the plug fits ? That would be handy.

You should be able to use that overseas as long, as you say, the plug fits.

Also that will be fine for the GG. They natively use 9v anyway.

The gg says 9V 3W on the back - how are Watts and amps related ?

Is 1.5 amps enough for 3W ?

(Sorry guys for all the questions!)

basic electronics here.

Watts = Volts x Amps

Volts = Watts/Amps

Amps = Watts/Volts

9v, 3w

Amps = 3w/9v

amps = 1/3 amp = .333 Amps, or 333 mA (millaAmps)

Volts is pressure, Amps is how many electrons move through a single part of the path, and Watts measures total power used.

should be fine. if it can handle 1.5 A, it should be able to handle 2/9ths of it.