Power Regulator Sega CD  1

Can anyone tell me what power regulator it uses?

I know the second sega cd uses a 7805. Does the first sega cd use the same one? I think mines toast unless its supposed to output 8 V (I think its supposed to be 5 isnt it?) The input reads 9V

i think you can always pop in a 7805 and see what happends if if realy needs 8V then i dont think undervoltage will cause any problems besides not working
I can but im not real sure that what im looking at is the regulator. It doesnt say 7805 on it. It say B963. Again im not sure its the regulator or not but its right next to where the adapter goes in on the right hand side if your looking at it from the back. Its pretty small with 3 legs the center one is cut off and its green in color...

man i just tried to look up b963 on the net there is so much shit thats labeled as b963

i looked in some catalogs too didnt come up with anything

what shape is it ? and thats all it says on it - b963

on all the v-regs and transistors etc i got -- all have more writen on it