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Ok, I have ripped a few PSX games and then have burned them. Well on my PS1 and on my friends PSX I play they always skip (just the music parts, sumtimes even cut out) Is there anything wrong with how I am ripping/burning? I don't know if it is because of the way I rip, or they way I burn. I use CDRWin.... Any suggestions? Or maybe even just a guide to ripping PSX games that works? OH! BTW, I burn at 1x speed and rip at max. I dont let any other proggys or anything run in the background.
For one.. Never rip on Max, I would rip on 2x or 1x... 1x to be sure its not your burning that is screwing up... Second how old is your psx? Try turning it on its side.. or adjusting the pot on the laser a 1/8 rotation and keep turning in turns until you find the correct "juice" without any skips or music cuts.. Be sure not to turn it more than 8/8 or back around though. Try it and post the results.. Hope this helped
it's like a yr and a half old, it's a PS1. It does it on every PSX I try it on. Ripping at a lower speed didn't help
, I think it might be an option I have selected on. RAW mode, should that be on or off?
Here is a good guide for CDRWin written by my friends at This ought to help you... If this doesn't help, then you need to look into your hardware. Let me know how it goes...


Burning Unprotected PSX Games

Before you start, you need to know if your PSX game is protected or not. By protected, I mean, not having the anti-mod copy protection that some newer games have. After you find out whether it's protected or not, open CDRWin. I will now explain the technique for copying an UNPROTECTED PSX game.

  1. Click the 'backup disc' (1) option, (it looks like this)
  2. Make sure that 'Copy to Image and record' (1) is checked, and that raw mode is selected (2). (as shown here)
  3. I recommend you use your CD writer for both reading and writing the CD. So click it, for both reading and writing. (3) (See the above picture)
  4. Now, set 'Error Recovery' (4) to Ignore, and set the 'Read retry count' (5) to 50 (like Above)
  5. Make sure that Data and Audio speed reading (6) is set to 1X (just like the above picture)
  6. This is a step of crutial importance, SET WRITING SPEED TO 1X (7) (do it like shown above)
  7. Now hit start, and NOW, It'll burn. When the reading is complete, you need to insert your blank CD, and click OK. It will now write, hopefully, successfully

Burning Protected PSX Games

Now, if your game is protected, you need to do this.

  1. Open CDRWin, put in game CD, and click on 'Extract Disc/Image/Sectors' (1)
  2. Now you will need to set all your options for the reading process.
  3. First, choose the reader you want to extract the CD with (I recommend using your burner for both reading and writing) (1)
  4. Now, set the location of where you want the CD to extract to. (ex. C:\temp\psx\game.bin) (2) Now, set 'Error Recovery' (3) to Ignore, and set the 'Read retry count' (4) to 50 (as above)
  5. Make sure that Data and Audio speed (5) reading is set to 1x (just like above)
  6. Now hit start. All the information will now be written to your chosen location, and will apear as 2 files. They are game.bin and game.cue
  7. Refer to the patching FAQ: for all the information needed on how to patch your game.
  8. Now that it has been patched, load up CDRWin. Click on the 'Record Disc' option. It looks like this: (1)
  9. First, select your CDROM Recorder. (1) Then, click on 'load cuesheet'. (2) Go to the directory you put the game in, and select the cuesheet you made earlier. This bit is really important: Make sure you are writing at 1X!!! (3) Your page should now look like this
  10. Hit start. Your game will start to burn. It'll probably take a little over and hour, so be patient. Once it's finished, it will play perfectly in your modde playstation. Have fun!
I noticed it said "CDRWin 4.0 FAQ" well the newest version of CDRWin is 3.9b. Is this the version of the FAQ? of of CDRWin?
no there are 4.0's out now... Anyways this fact will work for most versions, especially 3.9... And treat the game like its always protected that way you can make sure you always have a nice burn. By the way if your copying from CD's and not files.. I would use CloneCD, less problems, accurate burns, great program. Contact me via email or aim and I can help you with it if you want.
Ya, have thought about CloneCD only prob w/ that is I usually rip a bunch of games, then burn multiple copies later. What's your AIM handle? Mine is BJammzz......
mine is in my profile but its... jadedbattousai

I am not usually on AIM, but I am always online... Ill try to go on some more to see if your on.