Problem Dreamcast

I intend to play skies of arcadia ( pal ) but the image is moved. Half image is cut. I Play a other games i haven´t any problem. My tv accepts 50 hz and 60. I use a rgb/scart cable i read what it can be the problem.Do I need other cable?

Thank you
Here's a quote from the FAQ:

Q. Why is the picture from my Dreamcast shifted to the left?

A. If you use RGB, some TVs will display the image too far to the left. I'm told this is due to RGB bypassing the normal processing that would have to be done to the image. The only way to fix this, if there's no centering option in the game, is to find the service menu for your TV and shift the screen right a bit. A search on will often get you the code to get into your TV's service menu, but be very careful, as you can permanently damage your TV if you don't know what you're doing. If in doubt, don't do it.
Do you have an NTSC Dreamcast? The half screen problem happens with PAL optimised games. Maybe one of the bootdisks like Gameshark or DC-X can fix it?

There is a guaranteed way to fix it, but it involves soldering. You have to attatch a switch to the point on bottom of the motherboard marked 'R422'. It's quite easy, I did my friend's DC. Details here.
Thank you. I prove it. How you say my Dc is ntsc i don´t remanber say it. I prove the cd boots cd-x or gameshark. I have the utopia but it don´t function. If don´t function i prove the soldeing system. I prefer the cds because the other pal games that i have function perfectly
Man, just check the region of the games you are currently playing without the help of any loader (utopia bootdisk, cdx, etc).
I prove utopia and gameshark but nothing the image is still bad. I want to prove the dc-x where can i download it?
id suggest you look for the european version of the action replay cdx, since the us one (the cdx) doesnt give you the option for ntsc/pal booting

i noticed the same thing happen with jap pso v2 and my pal dc, and swapping settings in that sorted that out, so it should help you

its a commercicial product so posting a link to where you could download it would be against the rules of the forum, but you should be able to find it relatively easily