problem swapping with PD Saga

i am very new to this saturn backup thing...sort of ironic. anyway, this is my problem. i've begun to try and create working backups of panzer dragoon saga. i've copied the first cd and am sure it works correctly (i will explain in a bit). my problem is, when swapping with the mode 2 two-swap method, the systems always hangs at the SEGA screen (black with traditional blue SEGA letters)..the disc, however, continues to spin very quickly. it won't go beyond this.

now. the reason i am sure that my backup works is that, if i load the original disc, let one of the fmvs play and swap them quickly while the fmv is playing, the fmv will continue to play off of the backup and then i can run the game using the backup. since i will be lending my copy to my brother across the state for awhile, running the backup by swapping with the original is obviously not an option.

can someone please tell me that i am just doing the swap incorrectly? and if that's not it, what can i do?

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well, at last i have gotten it to work.

perhaps what i found out may be useful to others, so i'm glad to post what i found.

the swap, as far as i can tell, does not work with Duke Nukem 3D (at least it did not in my case). However, I tried it again with Mortal Kombat II and applied a general rule...count 6-one-thousand after the original disc starts spinning (after the CP check) and then swap. i'm happy.
Yeah...I think you've just got a Saturn that is a little more picky about the timing of the swap. In terms of the security ring, all games are created equal - I can't see why Duke 3D would fail where MK2 would work.
humm... try the method I described here
some games are just VERY hard to run using swap trick on model 2 sats.

I got that problems with PD Saga, PD Zwei, Manx tt, and some others... go and buy a mod-chip, it's always a better way to run backups (everything will work ok, and your cd-rom will not go down after some time)
i seriously must be super-talented. i've never had any problems with swapping any game on my model 2. everyone tells me all these horror stories and i'm just like "what? it didn't work?"

huh. makes you wonder.
depends. I got two sats. One with 64pin cd-rom and second one with 22pin cd-rom and running cd-r on one of them (don't remember which one) is a piece of cake i can do it with one hand and watching tv, whereas second one is kinda bitch and it's hard to run some games (like Panzer Dragon's...)