Problem w/ burned copy of PDS.

I burned a backup from my copy of PDS w/ the program listed in the FAQS (CDRWIN), and although the other games I've made copies of work flawlessly, PDS seems to have quite a bit of trouble. First of all, I am only able to get it to start by using the single-swap method. This is a problem exclusive to this game. Second, when I am able to get it to work with the disc swap, the game randomly returns to the CD player menu. This occurs during play, not after the intro movie. Anyone know what could be causing this? I'd like to use the original discs as little as possible.
Try this swap method:

1 - Insert the copied cd, and power ON the saturn

(now just let the cd spin, you may press A to speed up the process)

2 - When the cd has completely stopped in the cd-player, swap it for an original.

3 - Press RESET, and see the saturn reading the protection from the original cd, when it speeds up again, swap it for the copied cd.

This method takes more time, but is 100% accurate! (almost)
Yeah, that's what I meant by the single swap method. It definitely works, but the main problem is that the game just stops at random points and takes me to the cd menu. Booting it seems to work fine. Thanks for your help, though.

I'm going to try to rip/burn it again, to see if that helps at all. Also, I'm going to try to use different CDRs. Hopefully it was just a bad rip or burn.
humm, random drop-off's....

Re-ripping and re-burning will only work if the problem is with the cdr media...

If it keeps doing the same... then it's safe to say that it's a bad rip...

Also, how many audiotracks does the cds have?

I think they all have 2 audiotracks, only 1 of them as 3 audiotracks... (I'm not very sure about this...)
It has the two audio tracks and the one data. I ripped and burned it again, this time using a different brand of CDR and it seems to be working. Thanks for your help!

I havent actually helped... but if you are happy, i'm too!