Problem with Golden Axe 2


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Ok, I downloaded Golden Axe 2 from atleast 3 different FTPs and non work on my Saturn.

When I put the burnt game into my Saturn the Sega licence screen comes up as usual, but as the game is about to load the game exits to the CD menu.

Very odd I must say, all other games I downloaded works fine so It really must be a bad rip that is circulating several ftps.
That`s not the rip problem. This game doesn`t works with the 3d Controller.

If you have 3d controller remove it and the game works fine.


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Sounds like it doesn't work at all.

Raijin Z, if you don't have it to test yourself, why are you worried?

ANYWAY, a lot of Saturn games don't like the analog pad much at all, but accept it with some fiddling. I had to set my pad to digital, unplug it, then plug it back in a few times to get it to work with a fighting game I was monkeying with the other day.