Problem with my Saturn


I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me with a problem I'm having with my Saturn. When I put a Saturn game disc in (original of course), the Saturn doesn't boot it as a Saturn game, but rather as a music CD. Yeah, I get to listen to all the tracks of my favorite games, but I really want to play them, not listen to them! And yes, it boots music cds as music cds. I've tried replacing the cd-rom with one I KNOW works, but it does the same thing. I've also tried replacing the ribbon cable that connects the cd rom to the motherboard, but again, the same thing.

So obviously, there's something wrong with whatever part of the Saturn that confirms if the CD is a game or not. My question is, what part of the Saturn would this be? I need to know so I can replace it. Any of you Saturn experts have any clue?

And yes, I have tried to boot a game from a pro-action replay. Doesn't work. And FYI, my Saturn is a model 2.

Thank you!

Could the ribbon cable connecting the drive to the motherboard be damaged? I'm thinking that maybe whatever wire carries the information that the Saturn uses to identify a CD as a game isn't making the connection.

It seems very unlikely, especially if this problem only recently popped up all of a sudden...but I can't think of much else.

If I'm right though, fitting a mod chip into your Saturn should actually fix that problem, since the mod chip "fakes" the ID info (and plugs directly into the motherboard slot).
Dji--No, I do not have a modchip installed on my system.

Taelon--you know, I though about maybe installing a chip on my system to see if it would fix the problem. However, I have one of those 64 pin systems, and it looks like a HUGE pain to try and mod it. I have in fact tried replacing the ribbon cable that connects the cd drive to the motherboard, but it does the same thing.

Anyway, thanks for trying to help. If you think of anything else, please tell me.

I actually missed the part in your original post where you said you'd already replaced the ribbon cable.
But you also mentioned having replaced the drive. That means you have two drives. Do they both have the 64-pin chip?
Cursed? No.

Just buy a mod from Gamegizmo and use the 'A+B' mod method.

That modding thread is a bit of a long read, but worth it.

One of these days I'll post a summary and ask MasterAkumaMatata to make it a sticky thread.

[edit] I see the long thread is now stuck. I'll come up with a bare bones post that will be more suitable soon.