Problems burning Lunar 1

Hi guys,

I bought a cd writer some weeks ago and I´ve burnt several isos. I´ve tried burning Lunar the Silver Star twice without success. I´m using Nero, in TAO, at 8x, Phillips 74 cdr and I get a cue file from segacuemaker.

Under emulators it runs perfectly but when I try on the real machine it hangs before the intro. Please help me.
8x is a little fast dont you think...i burn at 4x, and if my burner would let me id burn at 2x
Oh I thought 8x was ok (the other games work perfectly) then if is much safer I will always burn segacd isos at 4x.

I hope it works :
Oh shit, I don´t know why exactly but Nero does not let me choose a speed under 8x (only 8x, 12x, 16x and 24x).

Is this caused by my cd writer?


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Could be the writer, could be the medium (new high-speed discs can't be burned at slow speeds). Anyway, if you've burned other discs at high speeds and they've worked, don't worry about it.
bah! low speed burning takes too long. Every game ive burned (except for lunar... dont know what happened there) has turned out great at 16x
Punjabee must be right, the others games worked very well at 8x and now I´ve burned Lunar 1 and 2 at 4x with Easy Cd and they work perfectly.

Perhaps the games that need tao mode work better if they have been burned at a slow speed.