Severe Sega CD Burning problem

Ok I got a Sega CD under the impression that it would be extremly easy to make backups or play ISO's you can download off the internet{Which I donated 30 dollars to a site to download Sega CD iso's and bins},boy was I wrong,It could be something I have missed or people exagerating the userfriendlyness of it

I have used fireburner,created a cue sheet with sega cuemaker,burned from speed 8x even down to 1x,trying at 2X and 4x many times and I still get it where

it wont load the game and just go to the cd player screen where I can play the music files.

Yes I have even tried converting the mp3's to Wavs and used a modified cue

sheet from a tutorial doing exactly what they said and it still wouldnt load the game

I also use Nero 6.0 but I need Nero 5.5 but cant find it anywhere because it

always give a Line 5,cant load track 2 problem when I load a cuesheet.

CDWIN is acting really weird and wont let me download the program

You may be thinking now it may be a bad rom or a bad burne,nope I got over 20 CD's to prove that theory wrong and I have played the Iso's on Gens and they worked perfectly only not to work on my Sega CD at all

I also had a friend send me a copy of Shining Force CD along with the music tracks and cue sheet he used to create a perfect burn to play on his Sega CD

and guess what.....


Please someone help I have spent well over 20 hours searching and researching on what could be possibly wrong

I created an ISO from an actual Sega CD game I have and reburned it and it would load on my sega CD{Spiderman to be exact} so their must be some weird factor I am overlooking
You could try using a different brand of media, maybe your sega cd doesn't like the brand you use. You may need to adjust the 'pot' on the lens assembly, cd-r's require a little more power to be read from (i think), are you using scdconv or convscd? Maybe there are some compatibilty issues with the iso's you have. I assume your making the cue sheet AFTER the mp3's have been converted to wav, there is also a tool to make cue's for you. Its for the Saturn I think but it works for sega cd too.
make sure the games are even meant for your segacd's region. burning does NOT get around the country protection.
Originally posted by King M@Jun 8, 2004 @ 12:33 PM

You can get Nero 5 from

I would recommend that; I had another guy emailing me with similar problems and he was using Nero 6 too.

Yeah Nero was the problem thanks so much,for some reason firburner would load the cuesheet and burn it but wouldnt load the game,I got version 5.5 of Nero and it worked perfectly and burned the games and worked

thanks so much for the input,finally I can lay off the prozac after all the problems the Sega CD has been causing me