Problems burning Panzer Dragoon Saga

i have Panzer Dragoon Saga in NRG format, and i also have two wav files with it as well. It turns out it is actually Azel, and not the US version of saga, and i have not been able to get it to work. i was before unable to get the game to boot at all even after using satconv, and now i've been able to get it to boot, play the video intro, and then afterwards, before going to the game, it goes back to the cd player screen. anyone have any ideas? btw, with CDmage, the type is Mode 1/2048.


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didn't know Satconv would work on NRG files....

Could you be a little more detailed on what you did with the NRG and the WAVs?


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From the description you gave (playing intro and dumping back to CD player) it sounds like there's a problem with the audio tracks. PDS does need them.

I'd extract the data track from the .nrg as a Mode 1/2048 .iso, do any Satconv conversions you need and then write a cuesheet and burn as iso/wav.

You can use Lodger's Saturn Cue Maker to generate a cuesheet.
Originally posted by racketboy@Oct 30, 2003 @ 09:56 PM

wasn't aware that you could make a Nero image of just 1 track.

Sure you can.

Rip the tracks separately in CDRWin...

Burn only the data to a CD...

Then rip that with Nero!

Now, why anyone would want to is the real question...