Problems burning some CD images

In the past, I've been able to burn every ISO+MP3 CD image file set I've come across. Everything drops cleanly into Toast or NeroMax. However, I've been running into some seriously annoying problems. I can't seem to find a way to convert the various DiscJuggler images I've been downloading, and nothing I have will burn them.

For example, ThunderForce Gold Pack 2 is in a strange BIN format that combines the audio and data tracks into a single file. Is there any way I can split/convert this into something useable? I have Virtual PC, so if any Wintel programs can do this, I can use them too. (I just can't burn anything from VPC, obviously.)

Any advice (BESIDES ditching the fruity colored-plastic computer, which I'm somewhat tempted to do but can't at the moment)?


P.S.: This MAY be a CDRWIN image file. Can CDRWIN convert it into something useable? Are there any Windows utilities that can do the conversion?
If you are able to run Windows programs using Virtual PC, then CDmage can extract data (iso) and audio (wav) tracks from all common disc image formats.
Tried it. No luck. No matter what format I chose that ended in .BIN, it wouldn't work. The .CUE file didn't feel like opening either (something about an error on line 1, but the filename is correct as is the path). The file is from Ralos' FTP by the way, if that helps.

You would want to open the cuesheet rather than the bin directly. If it's a valid cuesheet it should work.

Could you post the exact error it gives you and the cuesheet itself?
if its diskjuggler image then use diskjuggler

your right in saying nothing will burn them

no way to convert them either

u should get dj on your machine as it also burns bin files without the need for the cue file

it happilly burns all day

if u dont have dj then pm ill sort u out

there is also another but i dont swear by it

"fireburner" ive used it once and didnt work for me

but what maynot work for others will work for the rest its swings and roundabouts

my mate carnt use winoncd but i can so he uses fireburner to do iso/mp3 files, also i dont use cdrwin cause it fucks up but my mate does,we both have same os win98se,near enough speck pcs,give or take afew mhz .

if it does not solve the problem then i suggest dont download cdi files,try get summat that works for u,

how do i know?

would be the next question,

ask on the forum somebody will have downed the same files and could be able to tell u what format it was in.

hope this helps
Here's what the cue sheet looks like:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

TRACK 02 MODE2/2352

INDEX 00 50:24:48

INDEX 01 50:26:48


INDEX 00 52:11:64

INDEX 01 52:13:64


INDEX 00 57:09:05

INDEX 01 57:11:05

The error message reads "Cannot open specified file. Line:1".

So the cuesheet is in the same folder as the bin file and the name of the bin matches the one listed in the cue exactly?
That's really odd. Are you using version 1.02.1 B5?

AFAIK CDRWin and Fireburner are the only programs to extract discs to bin/cue and CDmage should open it no problem. ???

Could you try testing the archives that you got the bin and cue files from? If they pass OK could you then try running the bin through Satconv (DOS or win32) and see if it tells you that you have a valid Saturn disc. It could be that the image is a bad rip or has become corrupted somewhere along the line.
you could also try fireburner from vpc as well, theres an option to "save tracks" which will convert them to iso/wav

other than that upload it to someone with a pc and get them to sort it out for you then download it from them (that would be possible for the discjuggler images, since they can rerip the disc at worst for you
I'm amazed how often people miss small details in cue sheets... Again... I had a close look at it...

and it seems to me that it should say MODE1/2048 and MODE2/2336, rather than 2352 for both.

That's assuming the bin/cue is a cooked image which is more than likely.

So try modifying the cuesheet accordingly, then opening it.
Satconv recognized the image (but crashed when I tried to patch it), Fireburner refuses to install and the CUE modification didn't work. I am 100% certain the file is not corrupted. The version of CDmage I'm using is the latest beta.


I got FireBurner to install (stupid missing installer library), and it seperated the tracks. Once they were seperated, the whole mess dropped nicely into NeroMAX. The audio is totally corrupted, but that's not an issue since the game works perfectly without the two audio tracks anyway. They seem to be cheezy remix bonus tracks, judging from what I can make out between ear-destroying bursts of static.

Thanks a lot everyone! You've all been a great help!