Problems with 32X

Hi! I´ve just bougt a 32X. The roblem is that I don´t know how yo connect it. I mean. It came with an ac adaptor and a cable. One end is the standard Megadrive 1 male av out ant the other end is the mini out. The cable plugs perfectly in my Megadrive 1 and in any of the two ports in the back of the 32 X. Then I use RF and I hook the Megadrive to the tv. The problem is that I only get megadrive graphics. I mean, in Mortal Kombat 2, i.e. I only get the backgrounds but I can´t see the fighters. I know that everything is working properly because I can play the game. I can fight and lose (because I see no fighters). I guess that one cable is missing.

Can I make a cable, in case one it´s missing?

If so, how?

I also got a strange piece of metal with the system. What it is for?

Thanks everyone out there.

Spanish Don Glotón
Well, you're missing the cable between the megadrive and the 32X.

Here's how the connections are supposed to go.

The three slots on the back of the 32X are the A/V out, A/V in, and power.

Megadrive A/V out to 32X A/V in;

32X A/V out to TV/VCR/etc.

Power supplies into the both obviously,

32X inserted into the Megadrive (obviously).

You can't use the RF adapter with this set up, basically.

To be honest, I'm not sure if you can MAKE the cable, however, I'm sure someone here knows.

That piece(s) of metal is for grounding the 32X. If you have a Model 1 Megadrive, you probably should put the metal piece on the megadrive, and if you have a MegaDrive 2, probably not. I say probably because in the past that's an issue many people have had (including myself).

To insert them you need to fold back the protective flaps on the megadrive slot and use the metal to hold them down. It's fairly intuitive, so I'm sure you can handle it. I'm hoping you have two pieces, not one...

And another fairly important point - there were very few games made to be optimized by the 32X. You may or may not see any difference. So even after all the connections and such, you probably won't see any difference in Mortal Kombat 2.
You could make the cable if you could find two of those 10 pin mini DIN plugs, which are #### near impossible to find.

Thanks a lot.

I think that I shall be able to make the cable. I´ve found the pinouts in the web so I guess it won´t be too hard.

I have only one metal piece. But still I´m sure that the 32 x works without it.

However, can something very bad happen in case I don´t use that piece at all?

And last, I´ve beem offered three games for 5 euros each.

The games are Virtua Fighter, Virtua Racing and Cosmic Carnage. Are they worth the cost? (Five euros is very little but I´ve heard terrible things about 32X games.) :)

Spanish Don Glotón.
The worst that can happen is the game crashes (that's all that's happened to me). I haven't heard or read of anything else happening.
Go for 'em! Virtua Fighter is a very passable port of the arcade version, and so is Virtua Racing. (Has nice smooth framerate) Cosmic Carnage I have no clue even to what it is. ;)

I've got 9 different 32X games (including VFighter and VRacing), and I like 'em, though they may not be to everyone's taste. :)

(the version of Doom on 32X is pretty poor though, but better than the SNES version;))
Actually I thought Doom 32x shat (hehe - love that word! )all over Saturn Doom. Better frame rate being the number one issue. Just my opinion though...