Problems with Pink Justifier Gun


Back when the Sega CD was still in stores, they always wanted too much for the Pink gun (25$ even at Funco).

Eventually I realized I might as well get one because eventually I'll never find one again (I think the offer from my Lethal Enforcers box expired long ago). I searched Funcos for years but never found one. Until one day a year ago I stumbled into a Funco by my grandma's house and saw it and picked it up for 15$.

The thought of playing Lethal Enforcers 1 and 2 with a gun in each hand, double barrel, made me giddy. But I was quickly dissappointed...

From a distance of about 3-4 feet from a 27in TV, the pink gun would only register shots to about 75 % of the screen (about 1-3 inches on the border would register as reload instead of a shot). this is sufficient to not be able to shoot a lot of the baddies. When I move back to a more reasonable distance (6-8 feet), I can only shoot about 30% of the screen (only a small rectangle/oval in the middle registers shots).

I've tried every possible permutation of the TV color/brightness/constrast controls, but only minor improvements were attained.

Does anyone know if this is a problem with all pink guns, or is mine just worn out/defective? The blue gun still works perfect, so I wouldn't think it was the game or TV. Though the pink gun has about twice as much range on Lethal Enforcers 2 as it does on Lethal Enforcers 1. So LE2 is still playable, but LE1 is pretty much unplayable.

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know if a way to fix the pink gun?

(My LE1 and LE2 are for the Sega CD, not the genesis versions.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone know if there's a way to get the lightgun to work when you run the TV-signal through your RGB computer monitor? (ie, using a TV app)


Speaking as an owner of the pink gun for many years (and many of those years i've been searching through my house to find it..mad akimbo action!) i'd have to say that your gun may be messed up. Although, before i admit defeat, i'll throw out a few theories:

1. Were the guns for Lethal Enforcers CD different from the Gun that came with/that you could send away for with Lethal Enforcers (genesis version)? If so, that could be your problem...bad combo.

2. Using guns that i know were for the genesis version on the genesis carts of each games, i had perfect accuracy with each of them at pretty much any distance i tried.

3. I can't even rememeber what i was going to say. Uh, POOP!

Well, yeah, i hope that helps somewhat. If you could get a copy of the LE/LE2 cart cheap, i'd suggest doing that and seeing if it helps.