Problems with Soukyugurentai... HELP!

Hi guys,

I have started to DL and burn some Saturn games and everything has been fine up until now. I burned Soukyugurentai (got it from eDonkey), converted it with satconv and it boots up fine and everything.... the problem is when starting the actual game (title screen is ok), the screen is filled up with lots of garbage, like some white garbage-text where the font is all messed up and underneath all that, the game goes on!!

I've burned the game twice with two different medias so I more or less knows that's not the problem.

Can the ISO be faulty? Has anyone else DL:ed this game from the Donkey/eMule (kkkukkk:s release)?

Please help me! This game is so cool <almost crying>...

EDIT: WTF! I just downloaded a new copy of the game from another place and it behaved exactly the same!! Damn! Is it because I use the swap trick or? BTW, I have a 64pin, model 2 saturn (round buttons).


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Are you on a PAL/50Hz Saturn? It's rare, but sometimes NTSC games have odd VRAM timing issues on 50Hz Saturns. I haven't heard anything about Soukyugurentai specifically, but it's been known to happen on some Japan-only games.


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I think I remember reading somewhere that this specific game has a problem with converter catridges, or something to that effect- it only runs right on a JP saturn. There was a re-release that fixes this problem IIRC, but if you want to play the version you have, the solution is supposed to be that you don't touch any controls whatsoever when the countdown is beginning after you start the game. This is second hand info, so I may be wrong about it, but give it a try. I think if you look on forums you may be able to find more info.
I just tried it on my PAL saturn, and yes, I also get those artifacts...

Some layers seem to get corrupted or something... pretty strange :unsure:

I don't have my 60hz saturn in here.. so I can't try it.. :(


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This problems comes only on the first level and I think there was a way to avoid those errors. Somtimes, I didn't have them, maybe if you keep waching your plane taking off without pushing start to avoid to wait there will have no garbage.

PS : sorry there was above the same answer before :blush: