Problems with the Dreamcast

Hey Guys,

I've been having problems with my Dreamcast. I can't seem to get any sound out of the left speaker. I've checked all the connections, plugged the machine into other TVs, the same result. I tried cleaning the av port, thinking that perhaps there is something wrong with the left speaker pin, but nothing. It's an old DC, 1999, one of the first batches I think. I love my DC, but can I fix it?? I've heard newer DCs won't play backups or imports, is that true? I might have to buy a used one, which isn't a tragedy these days since I can get them cheaply now, RIP DC. I'd really like to stick to my ole buddy though, so any suggestions? Thoughts? Thanks a lot!
Originally posted by SegaSaturnDDR@Jul 6, 2003 @ 06:25 AM

your cable is prolly screwed up. i had a Nintendo AV cable that was broke, and only processed one channel of sound. thats prolly it.

Hmm, after some fiddling,I think it might very well be the cable. Thanks! What is the absolute best quality s-video cable I can get for the Dreamcast? Any suggestions??
That sounds like what happened to my DC. The AV port was cracked and it took a bit of playing with it to get stereo sound. Eventually the whole AV port began to break into pieces and I had to replace it.
Hmm, if the AV port is cracked, how do I replace it? Do I need to replace the whole mobo, or can I just replace the port?