Problems with Thunderforce V

I downloaded thunderforce V from Lerpakungen's FTP. The rars are Ok and Winsfx confirms it. The game was in cdi format so I used discjuggler. At the end of the burning process (99%) appears an error which says that there is a problem reading the image. But if I put the game on the Saturn it works perfectly. The only problem is that there is no BGM (there is FX but no BGM). Anyone can help me ¿?
The lack of BGM can be attributed to the fact that it's a 99% complete burn, meaning that the audio track at the end wasn't closed.

What you could do is use CDmage to extract the data track out (of the CDI image) as a Mode1/2048 ISO file (rename to *.ISO when done). Then extract the audio tracks out as WAV. Finally, burn the ISO/WAV to CD-R as you normally would. Alternatively, you may want to give CDI2Nero a try and burn with Nero.