Problems yet again


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Ergh Everytime i start up my computer (i'm using windows 2000) I get an installer message saying MMC81 cd can not be found please insert cd containgin MMC81 data.

SO i push cancel and it goes away but it's really annoying. DO any of you know what that might be or how I can stop it from coming up at least?
go to start->run and type msconfig

see what is in the startup.

that might give you a clue

edit: oh wait there isn't one for 2K

Here's a link to an alternative though
hehe -- I'm sure that's what he wanted to hear :)

At least I'm not the only one having problems with their new box :D
I believe Garth said it best:

It's like a new pair of underwewar: At first it's constricting... but then they become a part of you.
Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Sep 17, 2003 @ 03:58 PM

if all else fails:

format c: /autotest

That's the universal windows fixall ;)

OH and dude is that sarcasm cause of the winky or... what here?

I tried the thing racket sxend an dit's not doin what I need so what does autotest do.
Give Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel a try. It's "a nifty control panel applet that allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts." :) When you startup, go to Task Manager to see the name of that application or process and then disable/delete it using the control panel applet.
/autotest is the hidden flag in the format program that bypasses the confirmation.

Yes it was sarcasm... sort of. I've come to the point where I find it easier to just format then to try and fix all the problems that can pop up.
Argh that cured the problem for it going at startup but now when I try to open my ATI media player it comes up too and I like my media player :(

It still works it's just annoying as hell. So any other suggestoins. I might just reinstall windows If I must...
Originally posted by racketboy@Sep 18, 2003 @ 12:52 PM

eek you have Creative AND ATI? I'm sorry.

Their software can be so annoying.

So true, the ati DVD software on my pc just refused to load, because apparently i don't have an ATI card. Argh. I don't know if this started just after i reinstalled the drivers for my radeon, or if this happened a while ago... Eh, oh well, i hardly watch DVDs on my pc anymore anyway.
Meh I enjoy ati I mean the radeon 9500pro, for the price of nvidias current competotor just rapes the competeition.

I figured it out though. SO no worries it wanted the drivers cd because there was some stuff when i would try to play dvds that didnt install correctly. And since i had a dvd in my drive that's why it would come up.
I never buy current generation graphics cards, so out of what I would get, I would get nVidia.

But yeah I would get a current Radeon over a GeForceFX.
ATI media player is my favorite media player by far. Unlike winamp it doesn't go nazi all over my winamp playlist when I load a video. Unlike windows media player it doesn't try and connect to the internet and do funky stuff like open web pages. It just works, and that's what I like about it, alas, ati's drivers much like creative suck lol.

/me enjoys his radeon 64 MB DDR VIVO lol
Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Sep 18, 2003 @ 12:29 AM

It just works, and that's what I like about it, alas, ati's drivers much like creative suck lol.

/me enjoys his radeon 64 MB DDR VIVO lol

I have the same card. The catalyst stuff rocks hard. And if not that, there's
Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Sep 18, 2003 @ 11:48 PM

Me too, alas winamp seems convinced that it needs to do videos too. Anyone else hate winamp 3, but swear by winamp 2?

I never want to touch 3.

It's basically discontinued anyway
Jesus christ i swear to god one day i'm just gonna kick this piece of shit out the window.

I was on vacation for 3 days. Just trhree. Computer was shut off all three days. I get back today and yay i got like 20 new programs installed I have no idea about. THANK YOU MICROSOFT!

As I type this, 15 new popup windows have just appeared. OH yay more keep coming. Today just keeps getting better doesn't it?

Do you guys know why this might be happening. It's totaly gay slowing my computer down and tns of shit. I"m reinstalling windows right now.

You dont think that somehow since i'm using my friends cd key they like know that I'm not using a real one and are fucking around with me do you? That's more of a consipricy theory but I dont know i'm desperate i'm just so pissed off right now.