Programming on the Saturn

Okay, I only know little Visual Basic (stuff I tought myself) but how would I go about learning how to program stuff for the Saturn?

I'm a fan of 2D Rpg's (Especially Rayearth) and would like to attempt to make an RPG game for it, only I don't know where to start, are there any pages tat can give you help or tools? Alos what are the resolutions for the Sega Saturn?
As far as resolutions, there's um... 320x224, 704x480... some other interlaced... I know the rest of the guys on this board can fill you in on that.
Well, first, Visual Basic is not an option ^^; As far as it goes, C is still the way to go on our side.

As for the resolutions, they are described in the docs as there :

Non interlaced : 320x224

Non interlaced : 320x240

Interlaced : 320x448

Interlaced : 320x440

Non interlaced : 352x224

Non interlaced : 352x240

Interlaced : 352x448

Interlaced : 352x440

Non interlaced : 640x224

Non interlaced : 640x240

Interlaced : 640x448

Interlaced : 640x440

Non interlaced : 704x224

Non interlaced : 704x240

Interlaced : 704x448

Interlaced : 704x440