Programs for Xp

I got some programs for Snes to hack the roms but most didnt want to start up. I read the Read Me and this programs where made in 98 and I was wondering if anyone knows any programs that run on Windows Xp
Programs for Win98 should work in XP too, maybe you're missing something like Visual Basic runtimes? Do you get any error messages?
If it whines about DOS32 you probably need a DOS-extender, you can get the most common ones from Zophar's Domain. Of course the programs may also be buggy and work on Win98 by luck.
Thanks I will give it a Try on my Laptop since its running on Windows 98SE.Oh yeah on a unrelated topic do you know how big each disc is for Visual Studio 6. My friend gave me some of the discs and some are only 300mb
Sounds about right, but I can't be bothered to check. If you're a student, I'd recommend buying an academic license for VS as it's cheap and you know you'll get a complete set of everything.
I've run into loads of 9X software that can't operate on XP even in compatability mode. Even quite a few commercial games. It's not as uncommon as Microsoft would like to pretend.

And DOS, yeah unless it's CWSDPMI or DOS4GW you're missing, you're probably out of luck there too. XP wasn't designed to be very DOS friendly, blame it's NT traits if you don't like it