[PROTO] Alien Trilogy (Jul 23, 1996)


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another proto released recenty by Cut_Into_Fourteen_Pieces & hiddenpalace.org

The embedded Sega build date on the disc is 1995-04-18 (about 15 months before the NTSC or PAL releases), but the filesystem timestamps are all from 1996-07-23 (about a week before the PAL release build). Unclear if the game was shelved for a year after completion or the embedded build date is inaccurate.

Cheat code passwords are identical to the release version:

  • Invulnerability: FVNKYG1BB0N
  • All weapons: F1SH1NGFORGVNS
  • Unlimited ammunition: F1LLMYPOCK1TS
  • Level-select: FLYTO + level number (0-36)

More details : Alien Trilogy (Jul 23, 1996 prototype) - Hidden Palace
Mirror download : Alien Trilogy (1995-04-18 / 1996-07-23 build) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
There are being a lot of protos releases this year but not for Saturn sadly, and there are toons out there, so this is fantastic notice, thanks!