Proud Parent of an Adopted Dreamcast

1 Dreamcast with a year long warranty (Used)

2 Controllers (1 of those was brand new)

1 Visual Memory Unit (Brand New)

1 copy of NFL 2K (It was $0.99....used, obviously)

1 copy of Silver (Used)

Total Price = $86

WHO is your father?

It's about damn time I got a Dreamcast....Now....what RPGs and/or tactical games do I need to buy?
you payed way too much and silver sucks

but hey, it's worth it to have a dreamcast

get a vga box if you can find one

no d.c. setup is complete w/out one
Evil Dead is a fairly fun game if you have watched the movies before. Heavy Metal Geomatrix is also a really good arena fighter.

If you want something along the lines of Diablo, I would suggest you check out Record of Lodoss War, its an excellent game.