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PS Remakes for PS2

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud121, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Cloud121

    Cloud121 Member

    Hey guys, you know how Sega is re-releasing PS, PSII, and PSIV (I know PSIII has only a little to do with the main storyline but come on! You gotta include it all!) on PS2. Well... when is the release date for them? I read that it's Summer of 2003. Where? Here? Japan? Also, are all three gonna be released together? I read at $20 each (I guess that means separately).
  2. Moon Knight

    Moon Knight New Member

    i'd actually buy a ps2 if sega makes remakes of its classics with new graphics and amped sound. id like to see new shining force, phantasy star, some more shinobi of course, virtua fighter owns tekken and all that.. namco needs to do Soul Caliber 2 rcade into what Soul Caliber 1 on dreamcast was, but for PS2.

    i still hate sony's incredibly efficient way of squishing the compitition, but microsoft will triumph in america. lets face it, microsoft owns the world, give in.
  3. Lyzel

    Lyzel New Member

    "but microsoft will triumph in america. lets face it, microsoft owns the world, give in"

    You must still be on your medication. Microsoft may be the Monopoly of the OS system, but Microsoft is hardly winning anything in America console wise. The system has already been left on the dust by the Playstation 2. And I think the GameCube is in 2nd place.
  4. Supergrom

    Supergrom Member

    Maybe its just my area, but i know more people with XBoxs than PS2s and gamecubes combined...
  5. Daniel Eriksson

    Daniel Eriksson New Member

    Here in europe its the opposite. I know many peoplw with PS2 and GC but i dont know one single person that has X-Box. And checking some polls here and there, there seems to be more PS2 and GC votes than X-Box Votes. As it seems, the X-Box has less than 20% of the market in the Us. And much lesser in Japan and europe. I even heard that the Dreamcast still sells better than X-Box in japan...
  6. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    Of the people I know around here, everything is pretty evenly spread
  7. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    Sounds like MS on the OS market (not that it's that unfair really, but that's another discussion). I'm happy as long as I can get a great system at a reasonable price as it is today.

    I've read that Sega are going to convert more games to ALL platforms, multirelease of comming games that is, so you don't have to have the three systems just to get the best of SEGA, so I really can't complain.


    False. Or maybe it has changed reasently with Metroid Prime released and Zelda on the way maybe it's so.

    On the salesfigures I've seen recently Dreamcast wasn't even on the list. ???

    But the X-box is competiting with PsOne and Gameboy Color in Japan [​IMG]

    ? with new shining force you mean remakes and translation of the SFIII-serie? Or NEW games? Other than that particular game(s), the other you mention does come out/exist as new games. Phantasy Star (is to be released for Xbox or GC? Can't remember wich) and Shinobi & Virtua Fighter already exists for the PS2.
  8. Pearl Jammzz

    Pearl Jammzz Member

    hmmm around here everyone owns a PS2, but most ppl ahve 2 systems....XBox started big when it came out but TONZ of ppl I know are sellin off their boxes for cubes...I SERIOUSLY think that GCN is gunna be 2nd, if it isn't already. XBox is powerful yes, but other than that it has like 1-2 exclusives, and THAT'S what makes a system, not the power of the cpu inside..
  9. sizone

    sizone New Member

    nintendo's got the youth market pretty faithfully in it's pocket

    all the kids i know have gamecubes

    all the "adults" who play video games i know have ps2's

    with the real dearth of 3d platformers coming out and panzer dragoon orta, not to mention jet set radio future, i think imma blow my tax return on an xbox
  10. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    In Australia, the Xbox has been doing fairly well recently. In the period before Christmas, the 'Box sold as well as or better than the PS2. The 'cube is a very distant third at the moment, largely due to the pathetic delays for PAL releases - especially Metroid which isn't officially released here until March.

    Sales for the 'Box are also picking up in Japan, as these weekly figures (12/12) show:

    Game Boy Advance: 325,400 (Annual: 3,146,900)

    PlayStation 2: 154,000 (Annual: 3,511,200)

    GameCube: 76,900 (Annual: 129,300)

    Xbox: 16,200 (Annual: 312,400)

    PSOne: 5,700 (Annual: 219,000)

    Wonder Swan Crystal: 5,400 (Annual: 112,800)

    Wonder Swan Color: 3,400 (Annual: 121,600)

    Game Boy Color: 1,900 (Annual: 83,900)

    Nintendo 64: 320 (Annual: 6,700)

    Wonder Swan: 180 (Annual: 8,600)

    Game Boy: 95 (Annual: 5,700)

    Dreamcast: 38 (Annual: 17,500)

    PocketStation: 7 (Annual: 1,300)

    Still a distant third though...

    Hopefully the 'Box will remain strong throughout this year, 'cause I'm really enjoying the quality of the system right now.
  11. cww80

    cww80 New Member

    That has to be a typo. [​IMG]

    This is a little over a month old, but gives a pretty good indication of who's in what place...

    Yep. Thats the release date in Japan for the remakes of Phantasy Star, Space Harrier, Golden Axe, and Fantasy Zone.

    Those games could be released in the US by the end of the year. [​IMG]

  12. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    The release date for Metroid Prime is 14th of March in Europe too.

    Just to make it a little more OT, I've heard about Australian Government (or whatever. [​IMG]) are planing to get rid of the regioncodeprotection (DVD). Is it true, have they decided?

    I'm not sure what you mean. But salesfigures shift quite alot from who's presenting them (but somewhat they present the salesfigures pretty accurate i believe). But I agree that it's strange that the sales went down considering the first list was presenting a whole month, and the one you showed us only presented 6 days and it sold 26200 and that times 5 equals 113000. But pherhaps the Japanese are planing their christmas shopping better than any people I know. [​IMG]

    To wich systems are these titles to be released? And are they 20$ as well? They should make it into a Sega Ages Volume that should contain at least 2-4 games. But who can resist remakes of Phantasy Star and Fantasy Zone. [​IMG]
  13. cww80

    cww80 New Member



    Maybe they will for other regions. [​IMG]
  14. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Sorta. My understanding is that the ACCC (the consumer watchdog) isn't happy with the current system that forces consumers into purchasing DVDs (and games as well) from only their native teritories. They seem to believe that it is in the best interests of the consumer to be able to purchase goods from anywhere in the world. Makes sense to me, given that the internet effectively removes any practical barriers for international shoppers.

    I think they are currently looking into changing the law to make it illegal in Australia to region protect anything - games, DVDs, music - anything. I'm not entirely sure if this is exactly what they are doing or how well they are doing it, but it is for this reason that modchips are legal in this country.
  15. gameboy900

    gameboy900 New Member

    If something like that happens don't be surprised if alot of movie distributors and game companies stop releasing their stuff there.

    The whole point of region coding is to prevent stuff from being seen in regions before the publisher wants it to be seen. Which as far as I'm concerned is their right. They own the content they get to decide who and when someone gets to see it. Alot of people seem to think that a developer or publisher owes them something.

    It would be interesting to see alot of them pull out of australia. It's not like it's a big market or anything compared to the rest of the world.
  16. Twillinx

    Twillinx New Member

    I think the banning of regioncodes hopefully will force the devolopers or publishers to release their movies/games at the same time in Europe as in the US. I don't think they owe me anything, but if I can get a game in NTSC for the same money I get one here in Sweden (PAL) were I live I choose the NTSC version, since it can go up to 6 month+ before I see the title released here. I don't know who's responsibility it is to get the versions out, but there's no translation to be made. Most TV's now a day supports NTSC anyway so just remove the regionprotection and release the game at the same time as soon as the translation has been made. That's how it should be IMO.

    When Legend of Zelda: Occarina of time was released it only took them a month to release the PAL-version. To work on the PAL version parallell to the NTSC-version could also be a solution that I wouldn't mind. [​IMG]

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