PS2 for sale...

Hi people. Gonna try selling the bros Ps2 on here before trying on Ebay.

System includes...

PS2 System

2 Controllers

Nework Adaptor

Sony Dvd Remote

1 Memory Card

Monster S-Video Cable

Dance Mat

Games with box+manual:

Britney's Dance Beat

Gran Turismo 3

Grand Theft Auto 3

World Tour Soccer 2003

Super Bust-a-Move

Final Fantasy X

NFL 2k3


Metal Gear Solid 2

Parappa the Rapper 2

Tokyo Xtreme Racer-Zero



Fifa 2003 <-- Not shown

Hot Shots Golf 3 <-- Not shown

Home made labelled games with no manual:

NBA Street


Crazy Taxi

Devil May Cry

Doa 2 Hardcore

Midnight Club 2

Jewel Cased games:

NHL 2002

NBA Live 2002

Madden 2002

Also includes 5 demo discs.

Note: All games are originals and work perfectly.

$600 (Canadian) or best offer.

Thanks. :)


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Note: All games are originals and work perfectly.

Perhaps they're original discs that he doesn't have the case for, as such he put homemade labels on generic dvd cases for. Don't jump to conclusions.
Scared0o0Rabbit is right. Instead of keeping those games in cd cases I printed them off some dvd covers and put them in dvd cases. No copied games here only originals.

Rackeyboy - If he doesn't sell it on Ebay then I'll let ask him about selling seperately.

And I've been here since 1902 Jaded God so I know the rules. :smash