WTTF: some homebrew stuff

i would like to trade for hexen and heretic (both full versions) for nintendo DS (homebrew, need flash cart) and hexen and doom burned for sega dreamcast (both full versions) (or, just email me te .cdi file, you wont get anything though, but i prefer this.)

will trade for:

sega genesis
madden NFL 95
madden NFL 96
sonic the hedgehog 2
nba live 97
triple play 96

sega CD
joe montanas football box and cover, no inst.
third world war CIB

sega 32x
virtua fighter CIB

NBA live 2000 CIB
driver (with eb games case)

Jonny Moseley Mad Trix
Gran Turismo 3 A-spec


PS do you need a passme to play homebrew games on the original DS made bought in july of last year?