PS2 tech question


Mid Boss
Recently I have started receiving a "Disk Read Error" when playing Super Bust a Move 2. I have seen that it is a common error when the system starts going. For most people, it stops reading all non-DVD media first. However, mine still seems to read everything else. The game is in mint shape. I have had my system since launch, and the game I have had for about three months.
Call sony and they will send you the newest line of system, they are taking the blame for the disk read errors.

A friend of mine had a defective 1st gen system and they replaced it free of charge.
Yes but the new gen combines the emotion engine and cpu into one chip that is vastly cheaper for them to make but I don't think it is as good.
Since the Emotion Engine is the CPU and the two vector coprocessors they've always been integrated. The later versions do have the graphics chip integrated with the EE. I would say this is a good thing, as it was done as the result of a shrink to 0.13 micron technology which means the whole thing draws less power and thus produces less heat.