PSX doesn't output red over S-video


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PSX doesn't output red over S-video

I recently noticed that my Playstation (a modded 9002) doesn't output red colour when running at PAL60 and using an S-video lead. When using RGB or composite the output is fine, as is S-video when running at PAL50. Does anyone know why that is and if it can be fixed somehow?
PSX doesn't output red over S-video

Wow, that's a weird one... So you only see images mixed from green and blue?

I can only imagine that the stage which creates S-video from the RGB signal is somehow faulty, but then - I'm not sure if that's the case or not - but I would think that the S-video would be further "downmixed" to create composite video, which you said works fine.

Since the issue appears dependent on refresh rate, I wonder if the TV you're using could be at fault as well. Something elusive, like the carrier frequency for the color signal (vs. the brightness signal) being slightly off? From what I understand, color rides on a secondary carrier signal whose frequency is derived from the primary carrier which carries brightness information.

I think so, anyway. (See disclaimer.)
PSX doesn't output red over S-video

It's not the TV, I've tried with a couple with the same result. I wonder if my modchip somehow tries to "correct" the colours for earlier Playstation models that output true NTSC in 60Hz mode, but since I never tried S-video before I installed the chip I don't know.
PSX doesn't output red over S-video

No, but as regular PAL works fine with the same lead I doubt that's the problem.