Purchasing a new cd burner...


Mid Boss
I'm considering a burner by BTC. Has anyone had compatability issues or anything of that nature with this particular company?

I'm upgrading from a 2x2x4x burner which has burned well over 700cds (ha ha, not saturn/sega cd isos, but for my band) and has seen better days, so anything is an improvment.

Any other suggestions (regarding said cd burner purchase) are welcome.
BTC is good, no compatibility problems, even works with discjuggler. I have the 24x10x40 BTC Burner. Excellent burner.
i also recomend plextor

they fuggin rule
i hate to agree with skank, but i too have heard nothing but good things about plextor, either that or yamaha.

though i have an acer, which is kind of shitty and has real problems with multisessioning it also has an h.p. setup as opposedto the much more common sony setup so it defeats alot of copy protection that sony drives don't
i dunno over the years i have had a mitsumi and a samsung and i still use the mitsumi 7 years old she is. but the samsung is new and it works really well.
I'm looking at a BTC, Plextor or AOpen burner. All of them are roughly 12x~16x (that's all I need... and can afford :
: )

Any thoughts on AOpen? I love their cases, and their monitors are nice, but I can't find any decent reviews on their burners.
Don't buy a Sony!

Sony recorders have some problems burning BIN/CUE!

Go and see the forums of GoldenHawk and Fireburner...

I say this cos I have one and can't burn BIN/CUE and ISO/CUE and nothing CUE
Go for the BTC, the 12x BTC was rather crappy, but the newer models are really really high quality. the 20x burner shouldnt be too expensive as I got mine for 129 canadian brand new.
another vote for the plextor here

i have the 16/10/40 drive here, and havent had any compatibility problems or anything else causing problems with it.

on another note my old 2X6 dysan drive still works (a cr-622) although it is obviously slow
I use an ATAPI 40x24x10 burner... it works really well, but when I bought it, it was on sale...

If you have the cash, get a plextor burner. Everyone else covered the others, but ATAPI are ok too...
i heard there are rumors about the drive makers working with the entertainment companies to write firmware that is unable to burn certain things and makes them more vulnerable to over and underruns.