quake 3 online, too sweet

i just bought quake 3 arena today, i payed it 15 canadian, thats sweet! i played in online and it kicks so much ass! even with my local isp on 56k it was real smooth and theres were a crap laod of servers. i recommend everyone to play this online. at first i thought servers would be dead or empty with crazy lag but it wasnt so!
same with Unreal Tourney

haven't been able to play it online since I moved.

Have Netzero now so I can't use it.

Some of the guy online were WAY too good though -- haha
yes thats true, im still a newby but i hope to get good at it quickly. its so much easier to aim with the mouse though :)
Quake III online for DC is great. I've lost countless hours of my life to that game online, as it plays like a dream, especially considering it's mostly played on 56k.

You really do need a mouse and a keyboard to play it properly, although I used to play with a mouse in one hand and a controller in the other, as it felt much more natural to me. I hate playing games with a keyboard, and you can do all the same things with a controller/mouse combo that you can using a keyboard/mouse combo. I used to be totally addicted to that game playing for several hours in one sitting.

Now, I've moved onto greater and better things: Unreal Championship on Xbox! I should crack out the Quake III sometime soon, and relive the old glory days though...