Question 4 arkon?

hey u live in germany rite?

not to sound like a pothead but i was wondering.

well i heard hash was legal ther but pot wasnt in germany.

but hash comes from pot.

can u shed some light on my question
Um weed and so is world wide but in our area seems ALOT do it then get away on living on the citys money.

Also there are MANY germans on SX. Id rather be home...
Originally posted by falstaff@May 20 2002,19:32

Amsterdam is not a country. It's a city in the Netherlands.

It gets smaller than that; it's also an Avenue in NYC
You can buy the wild stuff just like buying cigs in Holland. And lots of other stuff too.

Shopkeeper: 'Would you like a big or small mushroom, sir?'

Mario: 'Haven't you got any of those green ones? I'm on my last life here..'