Question About Panzer Dragoon Zwei

Is the Japanese version of PDZ playable, a la Radiant Silvergun's engrish?

I'm currently DLing an English and Japanese version, and the Japanese file is going a lot faster, so I was wondering if it is even worth the wait for the American version to finish.
Panzer Dragoon Zwei?

I should imagine so. The commentary might not be in English, but I don't think you'll need to know much Japanese to work out what you need to shoot.
The only difference I can imagine is that you probably won't get the English subtitles underneath the in-game FMV. Not a major problem if all you want to do is kill stuff.
I have the Japanese version (bought it back in '95 while in Japan) and it is subtitled all in Japanese. No Engrish of any kind here and the ending is in the same boat as well with some Kanji and Hirigana text. If you already understand the story to begin with then there is no need to worry.