Question about ripping images from Saturn discs...

Hey, how's it goin'? I've got a slight problem I was hoping someone could help me with.

I downloaded an iso of Phantasy Star Collection because it has some extras such as commercials (which I already ripped, no problem) and image galleries. Usually, I would just boot it up in an emu and do screen captures, but as most of you know there is no emulator that plays Saturn games at too great a quality so far.

So, I decided to try ripping the images from the disc with the programs here. No luck however. I'm pretty certain the pictures are stored in the illustation.dat file, but no program I've used so far will let me rip the images. I asked in the chat room a few days ago, but there weren't many people there, so I'll ask here in hopes of getting some help:

Does anyone know a program that will allow me to extract the pictures located on the Phantasy Star Collection CD? If so, please give me the name of it and a link if at all possible. Any help is *greatly* appreciated. Everyone take it easy, later.