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Question regarding sega mega cd converter

Discussion in 'Genesis - SCD - 32X Dev' started by N00b, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. N00b

    N00b New Member


    I tried the smcd converter downloaded @ segaXtreme. I have the JAP Version (also the converter detected it as US but I changed it into JAP in the selection DOS-screen) of the game "Captain Tsubasa" and want to change it into EUR. Before doing that (JAP) my Sega Mega CD only showed me Music-Tracks after pressing Start in the menu. After changing it (EUR) I pressed start again but this time I saw the Sega TM Logo with Sonic next to it. After that Logo (normally) the game starts but this time it just showed a black sceen and than I was back again in the Sega Mega CD menue. I converting it again into US and the same happened.

    Any suggestions ?
  2. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    please let us know what games you are trying to convert.

    the converter program is far from perfect and doesn't work with some games.

    welcome to SegaXtreme, BTW :)
  3. N00b

    N00b New Member

    Thanks, like I said, I only tried Captain Tsubasa but I lost 5 CD-R by trying to burn that game so I can definetly say: IT DOESN`T WORK :banana
  4. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    ok -- sorry -- I read the title of your game in your first post, but it slipped my mind :damn:

    Anyway, I believe there is a compatibility list out there for the program.

    Maybe we can try to update it (?)
  5. N00b

    N00b New Member

    How ´bout starting a thread to list it up ?
  6. Mask of Destiny

    Mask of Destiny New Member

    Are you using convscd or scdconv? For some reason all conversion to EUR are borked at the moment. The converted images will boot fine in an emulator, but not on the real hardware. Since I don't have a European console to test with, it will be difficult for me to fix.
  7. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    well an emulator will play most anything anyways (including improperly burned Lunar), so it's kinda hard to test without the real thing.
  8. N00b

    N00b New Member


    yes, I have a PAL or European Sega Mega CD. I tested 3 games now and none of it worked. The last thing I am able to see is the Sega Logo with Sonic and than it reboots.
  9. fonzievoltonov

    fonzievoltonov New Member

    Do you have a buggy reboot (no sega 3D logo) + fast blinking read led?
  10. Akomander

    Akomander New Member

    I´m with racketboy, we should try to update the list... :)
  11. mal

    mal Member

    Nothing's stopping you. Go for it. :thumbs-up:
  12. yourmaster

    yourmaster New Member

    Let me help by adding some new additions to the SCDCONV list.

    Ninja Warriors (j) Jap-->USA Yes

    Night Striker (j) Jap-->USA Yes

    Now I can play these games on my Genesis CDX system! :D
  13. lordofduct

    lordofduct Member

    Ill add Shadowrun(jap)-->US YES!
  14. Berty

    Berty New Member


    done using SCDConv 2.5, Sega CD with Bios 1.10

    Lethal Enforcers PAL -> US = No

    Time Gal PAL -> US = YES

    Cobra Command PAL -> US = Yes

    Prince of Persia PAL -> US = No

    Sol Feace PAL -> US = Yes

    Road Avenger PAL -> US = Yes


    here is a more updated list (can't remeber where i got it from though)


    File comes from Zophar's Domain

    Attached Files:

  15. yourmaster

    yourmaster New Member

    Converted with SCDCONV 2.50

    Snatchers PAL -> US = Yes (Sound is a little out of sync)

    Devastator (Jap) -> US = No

    note: to avoid sync problems with the PAL version of Snatcher on a US system, you could just use an iso from the US version with the sound tracks from the PAL version. The only difference between the PAL and US version (afaik) is that at the end of the game Metal Gear says 'Mega CD' instead of 'Sega CD' when referring to his new body. :p
  16. Berty

    Berty New Member

    Road Avenger PAL -> US = Yes

    Silpheed PAL -> US = No

    Thunder Hawk PAL -> US = No

    side note,

    Princee of Persia (PAL) boots further under Scdconv 1.05 than 2.5
  17. Borisz

    Borisz Ban Hammered

    btw, are there any games that work with SCDCONV but doesn't work with Mask of Destiny's tool?
  18. yourmaster

    yourmaster New Member

    New addition to the SCDCONV list.

    Illusion City (J) --> USA Yes (on Gens 2.11)

    This doesn't play on a Genesis CDX system. A mesage in Japanese about RAM pops up and the game freezes.

    It might work on the Sega CD 1 and 2 since they use a different bios.

    Note: all my iso files are made from my original MEGA CD games.
  19. RedAngel

    RedAngel New Member

    Convscd works better (in theory) than Scdconv in Japanese to American conversions (but it has a bug and it is bad in American to European and Japanese to European).

    I tried Scdconv with Keio´s Flying Squadron(U) to get an European version but it doesn´t work and according to the compatibility list it is possible.

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