could i just use one of these to connect my computer to my stereo system? i have just a plain audio card that has a microphone in and a speaker out jack in the back.
yeah that would work... though that's a bit pricey... X_x... you could make one for a lot less than that, or you could buy one that isn't quite so flashy for less than that probably too, however that is exactly what you need.
go to Radio Shack -- they are your (not quite as pricey) friend when it comes to cables galore.

I have a headphone-to-RCA adapter to hook my MP3 server to my stereo

They also have headphone extention cords if you need them.

Both should only be a few bucks a piece if I remember right
yeah, it probably won't be much more expensive to just buy pre-built radio shack brand than if you were to make them. And either of those solutions should be cheaper than that cable you were looking at.
ya i'll find one cheapr just i wasn't sure if the outjack on the sound card is just a regular headphone type of plug. I have a creative audioPCI (ES1371,Es1373)(WDM) i was just going to jam some headphones in to see that works but i can't find any.
Yeah it is, I remember back in the day, I had this soundblaster... that actually had a volume control on the back of it... that used to be the most reliable way of changing the volume of what was coming out of the speakers... oh how I miss the simple days of dos ^_^
oh pfft, my system is alot easier in windows volume is set to max, then i adjust using speakers, it gives the best sound quality... wait that is more complex than back in the good old days... damn :(
yeah now when I want to listen to an mp3 or whatever, I have to deal with the volume on my speakers (or on the headphone port on my audigy if I'm using headphones), the overall volume in windows, and the wave volume -_-;
yea that will work -- but if your going to go to radio shack you might aswell go to a dollar store and buy the cables there( if they have them ) it will be the same as the stuff in radio shack (radio shack cables blow - the cheap ones - same as dolar store -- they work- what im trying to say the cheap ones are over priced- well the gold ones to for that matter

the best buy around me has great cables for a good price take a look there before going to radio shack or the dollar store -- the best buy near me has more stuff then what is on the web site
Best Buy eh? They can suck it, they were selling Monster Component cables for Xbox, and they are charging 60 bucks. The salesman recommended those to me. Yeah, that's going to happen. I bought standard Xbox component cables, those work great.

But on a side note, for video/audio, dont buy REALLY shitty cables unless you're desperate and broke. My friend had these cheap transparent green (trying to match the controller cords) 3rd party component cables for Xbox, and they were so poorly shielded it was SICK. I don't necessarily mean outside interference, either. Let me give an example, if you get a lot of bright, intense colors on the screen, the sound would get distorted and your speakers would be buzzing angrily. Alternatively, if you had lots of sound going on it'd cause problems with the picture. I made him chuck it and buy the standard component cables. Live and learn, right?
Actually I used to have that problem on my snes using an rf cable (blech rf) one of the official nintendo ones. Especially around the color yellow. I wouldn't think a loud noise would disrupt the picture or vice versa unless it was distortion through the cable. In any case, monster cables are only useful if you have it tied into a 10 foot knot running through the inside of 16 computers with microwave ovens sitting on top of them.