Questions about the MPEG addon

AS far as I know, this device was only released in Japan, I have a few questiosn about this.

My saturn (a model 1) has a slot in the back, the battery is there, but theres also some circuit board that looks like it can plug into something. Is this for the MPEG card? Will the card even WORK on a usa saturn?

Also, this saturn's loading times are getting bad, I am afraid it might be dying soon, if I buy a model 2 saturn, will it have the slot in the back for plugging in the MPEG addon chip or no?

And also, if it WOULD be possible for me to use it on my saturn, know any stores that sell them?

This lil' device kicks so much butt it kicks ass. Anyways....I'll answer your questions:

1. Yes, that's where the card goes.

2. No, it will not work on a US console, u need to put a country switch in it for it to work.

3. Yes ,the model 2 has the same slot.

4. No place sells them, u have to look on ebay and such. I picked mine up here just a few weeks ago for 55 dollars shipped (that included 2 3D controllers as well). There are sum different brands but if you really wanna get a decent one, get the Hitachi card, it's by far the best.

5. A list of the games aye? I have looked and never found one. If you find one send me a PM or e-mail.

additional info:

Look on Gamefaqs and look in the Saturn Hardware section. Look at the documents they have there, they have a few on the VCD cards.

Hope this helps, peace.
A country switch? Could you please explain? I dont understand what you mean, a country switch on the game? The Saturn? The Mpeg Chip? And how would I go around adding this switch?
Errrr, thanks, however that site only has information. It neither sells them or gives me ANY info about what they meant by having to region swap it.
A switch in the console. To change the country it's set in... It's just a little toggel switch which changes the country your Saturn is in. Yours is in USA, so set up the switch to go between Jap and USA. Might even want to make one that has EUR on it also, wish mine did :-/. Use the search button for the Saturn forums and look for stuff on toggle switches to see what I mean further, as well as how to install one.
Yes, you need the console in the Japanese/Asia mode for it to work. There are a bunch of games which use the card. Gun griffon, Vatelva, Lunar, etc.
Gungriffon uses MPEG cart if it is inserted (I think)...

The mpeg movies have been (re)encoded in cinepak, but I think the mpg files are still on the cd...
Originally posted by Cyber Akuma@Jan. 22 2003, 11:09 pm

Note to self: Whats gungriffon?

It's one of those Saturn shooters that utilizes the "movie card". GameFAQs say it's recommended.
My VCD card only works with a 4 in 1 in the must be a Japanese card, huh?

It plays VCD's great I might add!
Hehe. Oddly enough I have 4 VCD cards, but I find a true VCD player is better. Although the cards I have are dual PAL/NTSC, Photo CD, Karaoke VCD, Picture VCD, ect, its not the same as having a tiny SVCD desktop player.