Quick and Easy Question

Alright guys (and if any of you happen to be female, then 'guys' is unisex).

Now that i've covered my 'politically correct' ass, i want to know what i can do to burn *.ccd images.

If this is against the rules then i'm sorry and i'll close this topic. If not, then i need to know if there are programs i can use to convert the ccd into any other format - Clone CD never worked too good on my PC.

Dziekuje Bardzo.
I tried CDMAGE and i came up with an olde classic: Dual mode iso. I have as yet, never been able to burn a dual mode, ever. Now this leads me to one of two options:

1) burn the dual mode

2) Or stick to Clone CD. I just tried re-burning in Clone and so far it just plain don't work for me. It says "Write completed' or whatever 'the end' screen is, no errors pop up, but the game don't boot. And my swappings fine.

So, can ya help an olde bum out? Either of the two methods will be great, in fact, both would be better for future. Now being the retard i am, i'll need a bit of 'tutorial' speech to get it all down pat. Thanks Curtis for the help thus far.
Open the CloneCD image with the latest beta of CDmage and saving it as a bin/cue.

Then I'd suggest trying to burn it with Blindwrite as some people have reported success with it after CDRWin has failed.
Use Daemon-tools (www.daemon-tools.com) and recreate CloneCD image with CDRWin or something, then burn it. I converted some images from .cdi like this, and it's worked fine
I've been able to burn 2xIso games using cdrecord (and it's free)...

you can obtain the correct -dev=#'s using cdrecord -scanbus

then (I) rename the tracks 01.iso, 02.iso, 03.wav, 04.wav, etc.... so they burn in the proper order.... hope this helps... (it took me a lot of cd-r's before I figured out the -nofix option...)

cdrecord -v -dev=0,1,0 -multi -data -nofix -speed=4 *.iso

cdrecord -v -dev=0,1,0 -audio -multi -eject -pad -speed=4 *.wav

I wrote some tutorials on Saturn burning w/cdrecord, cdrdao, and fireburner... also on ripping w/ddump they are here for the moment:


you can get cdrecord here (it's called cdrtools now):