quick proposal! please read

I had sent this to IceMan2k and now I want to know the opinions of the SEGA fans out there.

Anyway, I was checking out the various SEGA CLASSIC sites like SegaXtreme and see that not one had a solid SEGA manual archive. I've also called Sega to order classic manuals like Master System or Genesis or even Saturn, but found out that they've cancelled that part of Sega Support. Therefore, I am offering a suggestion. With your approval, I would like to create a manual archive spanning the various systems. This is what I personally have so far:

about 30 Genesis

about 10 Master System

about 5 GameGear

about 30 Dreamcast

about 7 32X

about 15 Sega CD

which includes various system manuals like DC, Genesis 1, CDX, 32X, and GameGear. If enough people help, we can make this badass. Heck, even Sega's doing it themselves with the newer Xbox/GC games.

Thanks for your time!
I'm sure ddp is talking about getting manual scans and not manual txt descriptions.

I think I proposed that before, but I soon realized that this would take lots of webspace. Unless someone can provide a good server for this stuff, it may never happen.

But I'm all for it