r-type leo

anyone ever played this game? i so want it is there an emulator that can play it ? please i realy want to try this game (i have been wanting to play it in more than 7 years now but never found it in the arcades)
Yeah mame rom... do a google for MameFans and you will find it. Spanish site has a download que which sucks ass but since you are only after a fairly small download it wont be bad. They basically have everything that Mame.dk used to before the great fall.

No, the SNES has R-Type III which is a different game. Shmups has reviews of both games (and the site has been updated! Yay!)
r-type leo is available to play on mame

has been for a while now.but it works with full sound

its a good addition to the r-type series.but can never surpase

the original game ,when i ever i stick mame on its the first game i go for ,u should also try the pc engine/turbo graphix

version out has to be the second best version of it,for such a tiny machine its on par with the arcade version.
the reason i want to try r-type leo is that a long (very long) time ago i saw it on tv at that time i knew that r-type was a good series but when i saw leo on tv i wanted to try it so much but never found it in the arcades, yesterday i remembered the game i thought what if it's emulated i can finaly try it

i never tried mame but i know there are deferent versions of mame wich one do i need for this game? also is there a win version of the emulator?
i never tried mame cuz i thought it's only for old arcade games like pong but now i know i was wrong and i can finaly play my fevorate games

anyway thanks guys for your help
The funny thing is that MAME does not emulate Pong, because Pong is not software-based and has no CPU. Someone wrote a Pong driver for MAME, but it was removed, IIRC because it was basically a big hack doing stuff that MAME's architecture wasn't really designed for.
I read that PONG! was removed from MAME, along with several other games such as Monaco GP because as ExCyber says, these games didn't have a CPU, and as such cannot be emulated, only simulated. Because MAME is an emulation project, the simulated games were removed. There is another version of MAME that still includes simulator drivers, but I forget the name of it.
Then again it is not really emulating the pong machine. It simulating it. Hence that is why the removed Pong emulation from MAME. It sounds goofy but that is what the MAME team believes.

"MAME is an emulation, Not a Simulator."

Go Fig, I am just happy that can run a single game without either hunting clone sets or addtional roms.
i still can't find a good place for mame roms, does anyone has mame roms that can be uploaded on some ftp?
i could have hosted a few mame roms for u but alas i havent got my adsl line anymore so im on dial up at the moment

the only other place u can get roms is get a good news server and get your self on the binaries groups plenty of roms to be had there ,and there updated and posted often enough request what your after and no doubt some one will post for u ,and i cannot believe that u have not got mame on your pc ,im thinking that most people have or at least they should have,,tut tut tut where have u been u should check out the emulation sites theres plenty about.
these past few days i was searching for a site with mame roms and i found none good the only one i found is mamefan but their downloads you have to wait in queues and along time now if the game was a big file then i could understand but waiting a day or two for a 200kb game? it's too much
I think there's one or two sites on the mame.net links page that still have roms that aren't that restrictive. Have you tried them all?

There's also a network of people who will burn you whole MAME rom collections onto CDs, but you'd better look for that yourself. :
i found the game
anyway in mame how do i change the display options? is there an option for something like 2xSAI like in zsnes or gens?