Radiant Silvergun and Ebay inflation

Of course I want Radiant Silvergun and Metal Slug in my collection. They seem like the only 2 games I still have not been able to get!

I see all of these copies of Radiant Silvergun on Ebay. And I think, there cannot be so many hard core collectors of Saturn buying copies almost on a daily basis at over $150...

I am thinking several things. One, did someone hoard all of these copies to inflate the price? Two, are they all original? It would be feasible to create copies or reproduce the game in Hong Kong or Taiwan for the going price of it to collectors.

The Game shops in Hong Kong use Ebay as a price guide. If they are producing near perfect copies of new games for such a low price margain, why not exploit collectors as well? It would be easy to fake.

Also, it doesn't seem like there should be so many available and so many still turning up for auction. Something is fishy. Hoarding? Perfect Bootlegs? A phantom collecting community?

Does anyone else have thoughts on the current and constant flood of Radiant Silverguns in mint condition on Ebay???
ebay is swamped with online 'stores'. they all buy the stuff, figuring they can sell it to a collector for even more, and then when they sell it, another store picks it up with the same idea. most of the quality games on ebay aren't going to individuals who love the games, they're going to idiot shopkeepers that never play them and figure they can make a quick buck.

at least, that's the impression i always got...
The flood of mint RS's is easily explained - it's common as hell in Japan. The people pay this much because:

a) They all think it's "supereliterare" and

The can't speak Japanese, which makes purchacing it from Japan rather difficult.

Don't forget, prices on eBay are dictated by the bidders more than the sellers - nobody is forced to bid $150USD+, but they choose to.
Well I live in Japan and can say that it`s not cheap here either. I`ve never seen it under 10,000 yen, usually 12,000 to 15,000 yen
thing is, I think most collectors who do have it, won't let it go again.. so gradually, it gets more and more rare.

I doubt they are bootlegs, cause if it was easy to bootleg RSG, some random HK shop would go "I can make more selling 5000 copies of common games a month for 8 bucks a pop than selling 3 copies of RSG a month and having to be careful I don't push the price down with too many" and start selling bootable bootlegs all over.
I think it's just because of Ikaruga, before it was around you could pick up RSG for ~$100 now with all these people with Ikaruga wanting to see the "greatest shooter ever" they are driving the price up. Just look at Panzer Dragoon Saga, it's jumped up $50 with the hype and release of Orta.
I can't say that the eBay price for PD Saga changed much, but yeah, I DID observe a steep increase in going prices for Panzer Dragoon and PD Zwei. Really sad. Before Orta they were between 5 and 20 bucks, then they shot up to 60-70 dollars... and often the auctions didn't sell, it was the sellers who drove up prices. Those buyers that actually paid such prices were being had; they didn't know any better.
I personally never saw the first two go up to $60-70, but they could be seen for $20 for the first and $40 for Zwei
Well I bought mine for $100 about 14 months ago and all of them were going for $100-110. Back then PDS was also around the same price. Now each is usually going for $150+ the only change is that sequels to both where hyped and released.
I got Japanese copies of Panzer and panzer Dragoon Zwei, so I sold my PAL copies on ebay together.. Got over £50 for them, which is twice what I would've expected a month or two back. It's only to be expected really, the price of Super Metroid and the previous Zelda games have gone up too recently.