Rarest Item and rarest original Sat Game you have.

My rarest item :

Bomberman 6 player adapter

My rarest game :

Air's adventure (JAP)

I also have D&D Collection, Marvel SH vs SF with RAM and Shining Force III sc 3, don't know if you consider them rare...

I have no rare items
Well I don't realy have any rare items/accessories for my saturn, but my rarest game would Probably be Panzer Dragoon Saga.
No rare items but I do have the Gradius Deluxe Pack with the paper ship insert..

I foresee more arguments as to what's rare and what's not..
pal pd saga or pal kof 95 (with rom cart)

if they are classed as rare anyway, but they are never on sale locally here and are usually expensive on ebay

hardware wise probabbly the arcade stick

Edit : re for saturn (no instructions, but in good condition) and enemy zero are other games you dont see very often which i have

and shining force 3 scenearo 1 if you count that
The entire Langrisser series maybe? Perhaps DeviceReign (released in 99)? Black/Matrix is a pretty rare one as well...

Heh, I'm starting to thing that I have a Strategy RPG fetish. :S
Nothing rare, but I do have the original Resident Evil with box and manual (even with the registration car) all in near mint condition. Ah Resident Evil on the Saturn, choppy 3D graphics and poor voice acting, those were the days
The original Virtua Fighter complete with case and instructions.

Edit: House of The Dead (Complete) and Resident Evil (Complete) also.
My rarest Games are Shining Force 3 and Deep Fear, both PAL.

My rarest Hardware are a white jap. Saturn and the Jap. Nights Collection Box with a white 3D Control Pad.

I probably will buy a Derby Stallion Saturn soon and maybe i am getting a nice Nights Airbrush for my black Saturn. A Nights Airbrush Saturn will really be an unique item, but its VERY expensive.
Y'know, guys.... I think a game is REALLY rare when it practically never shows up on eBay, and nobody has ever heard of it. I have two such games. :)

One is called Savaki and is a 3D fighter made by Cynus in 1998, not too bad either... it's low-res like Fighting Vipers but runs at 60fps, and it's basically kickboxing in a big cage surrounded by spectators.

The other which I just got yesterday is called Virtual Boat Race 2 by ... Nichibutsu, I think. Ahh, BOAT RACING on the Saturn!! :) Very nice water effects, too, you oughta see it...they did a good job on this game. :) :)

So! How's that for rare?

Incidentally there's two shooters I'm looking for that are so rare I can't even find any info on them...yet I'm curious about them...one is called G-Vector and the other, Stellar Assault which is as expensive as Radiant Silvergun but much rarer...and I wonder if it's just such a good game that it's so much money, or what...

Ohyeah, also have Wipeout XL. Much rarer than the European version known as Wipeout 2097. :)
Originally posted by Mr^Burns@June 26 2002,07:38

yo , Blitz kun how is Device Reign?

Well I was hoping it would be more like most StratRPGs... little in the way of decision making, high in gameplay. Although it does have a complex battle system (I say, the more complex, the better), but it's a bit too heavy on text to find out how it works.

For each character, you basically order gems around on a grid and I believe that determines their stats. A bit difficult since all gem descriptions are in Japanese.

Also, the game isn't just strategy... there's a fair deal of graphic adventure mixed in, which means loads of Japanese text and decisions along the way. I'm desperate for a FAQ.

On the other hand, graphics and character designs are very well done... the opening cinema is excellent, though I wish I could say the same for the rest of the FMV. Poorly animated, and in some cases, just poorly drawn.

If you can speak/read Japanese, this looks like a very worthy title... though if you don't know what the hell is being said to you (like me), I would say that trying to play just becomes a frustrating ordeal.

FAQ anyone?
Yeah well i'm one of the few(?) who doesn't know japanese more than 5 words and play JAP rpgs/dating/adv games to their end and don't give a damn if you did get the story or not ;D
Originally posted by Fabrizo@June 24 2002,05:23

Well I don't realy have any rare items/accessories for my saturn, but my rarest game would Probably be Panzer Dragoon Saga.

same here.