Recognize this game?

I just won this ebay auction but I wonder what is the red game in the pic? I see MSH, Vampire Saviour, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Waku Waku 7, SamSpirits 4, and KOF 95, but I don't recognize the one in the second to lowest pic. Anyone? BTW, I don't think this is against the rules, I already ahve KOF 95 so if anyone needs it I could sell this one for a low price.



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The title is all in kanji, so it's pretty hard to tell. The kanji in the middle translates to the color "red". I can't make out what the other 4 characters are; they're too small. Since you've won the auction, have you asked the seller?


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you probably got a nice deal considering they didn't mention in the test (for searches) what the titles were, plus most people didn't know what that game was either
hey ill buy king of fighters 95 , how much? i already have one but i want another one so i can have it for backup :p i have 2 saturns too lol
not sure if this is kosher or not, but i could use the ROM cart from KoF 95....i don't know if it's compatible with mine (the EUR version), but mine has just been sitting here collecting dust all this time, and i'd really like to play it just once

great win man
Sorry, it doesn't look like it even comes with the cart. I think maybe the Pro Action Replay Plus works as a rom cart for it, but I don't know. If I remember correctly, the ROM cart was a prototype for the 1meg cart and they are basically the same. The reason I got my saturn modded rather than get a PAR+ in the first place was because I wasn't sure this game would run. Shinforce says it won't ,but then they also say that it doesn't actually require the ROM cart in the first place, so not everything's correct. I just noticed that it says MSH has a 1 and 3 meg this true and does the US version have this as well?
King of Fighters 95 has its own RAMcard with some animations on it, so neither the PAR cart nor any other RAMcard can do this job for KoF95...